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A year have passed

Its been a year since i been on this blog, main reason is I havnt been spending time on SL at all… its a new blog im suppose to keep it active yet i had other stuff to do. I keep telling myself i need to log i need to log, but in the end… i didnt log lol. Since i promised my mumz ima be on for her im tryin to log in atleast twice a week now, atleast gonna try. Anyways as for my reasons not being on SL:

I am after all a gamer, i been dedicating myself again on my PWI (Perfect World International) character, had to make her a lil bit stronger after a couple of months i re-entered Aion, thanks to a friend of mine >.>… which im still passionatly envolved with :P. Both games are MMO’s which is the reason im really busy lol… on PWI im doing TW ( territorial wars) while on Aion im hunting Elyos ( im an Asmodian so we are arch enemies). Aion has more PVP that i enjoy hence why im still deeply into it.

My PWI toon:

Mysteriah PWI

My Aion toon:

Caresser Aion


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