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Happy Valentine’s Day!

SOOOO!!! For Valentine’s Day SL had an event called The With Love Fair, that took place on the 7th of February till 21st of February 2014.

I… spent so much during that fair that im now… Broke broke broke… like hell… lol anyways here is how the stores were stationed:

The With Love Fair

So while exploring… liking a hair at a store.. i decided to buy it… i put it on… and started moving… the hair decided that he didnt want to leave the store so i had a trail of hair following me around… i was like WTBH is going on here?!… i asked a passerby, hey excuse me but am i bald with a looooooooooong trail of hair? And that kind person didnt laugh at me but did confirm im bald with the trail… here a piccie for u to laugh 🙂

Bald Haru...

Ok now for all what i bought that day, since it was a Fair i wont be mentioning what precisely I am wearing, but want to really know… ask ahead i’ll be happy to share details ^-^

The With Love Fair 1

The With Love Fair 2

The With Love Fair 3

The With Love Fair 4

The With Love Fair 5

The With Love Fair 6

The With Love Fair 7

The With Love Fair 8


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