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Hanging with my german friends

Yes yes yes… it always ends like this… i was trying to organize my Animation folder, i have sooooo many animations out of folders and such so i was tryin to put them together AND add them to my old Dual Pose stand thingy. Adding adding adding… adding adding adding…

Ritado logs:

[2014/02/23 05:46] Mysteriah (haruka.catteneo): boo!
[2014/02/23 05:46] Ritado (ritado.sparta): heyyy
[2014/02/23 05:47] Ritado (ritado.sparta): what´s up
[2014/02/23 05:47] Mysteriah (haruka.catteneo): nm
[2014/02/23 05:47] Mysteriah (haruka.catteneo): just bored
[2014/02/23 05:47] Ritado (ritado.sparta): lol
[2014/02/23 05:47] Mysteriah (haruka.catteneo): i been putting my poses in the posestand
[2014/02/23 05:47] Mysteriah (haruka.catteneo): so its a HUGE work >.<
[2014/02/23 05:48] Ritado (ritado.sparta): i konw
[2014/02/23 05:48] Ritado (ritado.sparta): know
[2014/02/23 05:48] Ritado (ritado.sparta): i have done the same
[2014/02/23 05:48] Ritado (ritado.sparta): but the stand is cool
[2014/02/23 05:49] Mysteriah (haruka.catteneo): i have a dual stand

and then after a bit:

[2014/02/23 05:56] Ritado (ritado.sparta): i´m finish
[2014/02/23 05:56] Mysteriah (haruka.catteneo): finish with what?
[2014/02/23 05:56] Ritado (ritado.sparta): my new avatar self made smile
[2014/02/23 05:57] Mysteriah (haruka.catteneo): :O
[2014/02/23 05:57] Mysteriah (haruka.catteneo): i wanna see!
[2014/02/23 05:57] Ritado (ritado.sparta): raaaawwww
[2014/02/23 05:57] Second Life: Ritado (ritado.sparta) has offered to teleport you to their location:

“Triff mich in Ledoyen
Ledoyen (221,14,23)”
– Moderate
[2014/02/23 05:58] Mysteriah (haruka.catteneo): ur still loadin a bit
[2014/02/23 05:59] Ritado (ritado.sparta): ok make a cofe
[2014/02/23 05:59] Mysteriah (haruka.catteneo): Oi

It only took a few min to get me out of my concentration tryin to do something… with my Inventory and it ended like this…

Hangin with friends 3

and then… after a couple of minutes warming up at the fire…

Hangin with friends 4

We ended up dancing… like superheroes… Go go go… lol


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