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OMG… finally!!! & a side short story added too! lol

I been pluckin my last strand of hair on my skull when i finally got my playlist to work… i felt so dumb cuz i kept not taking our the damn “…. anyways…i have it to autoplay… not sure ima leave it but its gonna be like that for atleast a couple of days.  I kinda enjoy the songs lol

SL wise:… I finally took pix of my new home! I also took a pic of the friend i mentioned before… the one that hasnt changed his clothes for 4-5 years i have known him lol…

Xaph and me lol

Yes thats him… my neverchanging outfit friend 🙂

well… i went to a sandbox to open new outfits i got… i usually go to my linden land for that but since yesterday our sim got griefed…we cant do nothin… not even with abuse reports… after 24hrs sim is still griefing… not to mention no one at live support helped but whatever…

After finishing opening the outfits… i decided i was gonna take pix of my outfit… so Xaph was with me, after a min or two he said he porting in his brother im like ok, it was already ackward havin him around while im shifting through animations leave alone another set of eye on me lol… ohwell taking pix taking pix taking pix… finishing both still there talking random stuff… i honestly was not paying attention to dem lol…BTW!!! i got called a gay muffin “cries”… by Xaph’s “brother”… then he was demanding a hug… i said… i bet you stink… and he said yeah and im like well no… go shower first LOL… well before heading to bed i wanted to hear some music so… i changed into my cupcake top thats why he called me that btw… i went over to Demonic and left them there… lol


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