Wardrobe of Myst


I been slacking badly… i took this in beginning of January but got caught up with some stuff and just kept neglecting it lol. I like this outfit, makes me feel sexxy specially with the updo i put on :P. Who knew that scarfs where good like that? Not me i Dont wear scarfs… ever lol. I couldnt even find it in my inventory >.< after organizing for like an hour i found it yay! (ps… i just woke up and i searched without typin the name…facepalms)

Sandra Outfit

Myst is wearing 🙂

Outfit: (complete set): *Stars*Fashion* @ Stars Aichi

Shoes: N-Core Etoile black @ N-core design

Hair: D!va Hair  Mana @ D!va

Earrings:  Mandala Senjyo earrings Black Hole @ MANDALA Jewelry

Bracelets: Nikita Bangles @ vicky Nikita well i got it at MP @ vicky Nikita


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