Wardrobe of Myst

Karu Karu leather outfit (old outfit)

Now, this outfit, hmmm i dont remember when i bought it, but its been a while since i had it, if I’m not mistaken i got it when it was newly released, but don’t remember date on that, in any case, i used this outfit 3 times so far, i used it in an event i remember Gage them were having and i worn in last week for the heck of it :”). I like it for the simple fact that it is sexy yet not so much revealing ^-^. The mask i obtained through the Frost event they had in 2012…

Leather outfit karu

Myst’s outfit today:

Hair: Mile High Pony – Candy @ .ploom.

Full Outfit: Latex Suit Ilona (BLACK)  @ KARU KARU

Boots: A&Y Deuz Boots Metallic – Black @ ☢A&Y Bunker CyberShop☢

Mask: A&Y Lumen Cyber Mask (Female) @ ☢A&Y Bunker CyberShop☢


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