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Hanging with 2 of my besties :) Helena & Louis

Helena and Louis are 2 of my oldest and closest SL friends i ever had. Helena i know for over 5 yrs, Louis almost 4 yrs or so… in any case… Helena is my bestie, not to mention she’s a known DJ, specially those who go to Demonic will know her :)… We met in an underground store… we both were buying neko stuff… and we bumped into each other as we were talking about tails and she was telling me, my tail is german, i dont even understand my own tail… that is sad isnt it? lol… from that moment on we became friends and up to today we still are! I met Louis through Helena, they were friends and still are today not to mention both have lots in common xD. Now Louis is also a known DJ at Demonic, so basically… i know famous people lol. These two… cannot work without each other… its odd but its the truth. I love them dearly and dont need to hope simply cuz i know we will always be friends :). And yes the place we are at is Demonic, Loui was Djing that day for me and night for them, and same as today 😛 (ps i know i look like a midget lol)

Ohhh and these 2 dj’s are really good… i love their set… trust me 🙂

Me and Helena

Me loui and Helena 1


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