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My exploration spirit kicked in today so i went and hopped a couple of sims, i didnt reach far it took me 4 hops to land on Paradiso, Thank you Cain (cainabel.resident) for this amazing sim you created. I took like a million pictures here yet  I will be uploading just a few :). Location: -Paradiso- Magical Forest

Kitty Cat!!!   Pic at Paradiso

Even Myst can play a Harp ^-^Pic at Paradiso 2

 Butterfly or mot wings? for Myst in any casePic at Paradiso 4

Caged with a butterfly Pic at Paradiso 5

Im locked… in a bottle… and the keys : ( Pic at Paradiso 6

Trying to see the stars ^^Pic at Paradiso 7

This spot is actually very pretty even though im in a cage Pic at Paradiso 8

Mot wings for Myst 2Pic at Paradiso 9


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