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The Lost Lonely One

Hmm ok like for some odd reason i felt like writing… i suck at it but i am still putting it out lol. Got a piccy of Myst to go with it aswell… In my opinion it is good and sad yet the truth ^-^ Oh and the pose is from Del May ❤

The Lost Lonely One

Always Alone,
You look at her, yet you dont see her
You stand around her, yet you dont notice her
You talk to her, yet you dont hear her

Always Alone,
She waves at you, yet you just stare
She talks to you, yet you just ignore
She turns away from you, yet you just dont care

Always Alone,
Lost, is why she seeked you
Hurting, is why she tried
Now broken, is why she gives up

Always Alone,
Bearing her pain, her broken soul, her lost way, her entire self

Always Alone,
Will you miss her when she’s gone?

The Lost Lonely One


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