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“Linden Labs is down”

“We are currently experiencing connectivity issues to Second Life and our websites. While this issue is in progress, some users may experience slow or failed connections to Second Life as well as, JIRA and other features”.

NOW!!!… if i was suffering from connecting… i think i woulda been happier… i managed to log in to find myself… grayed… went to the store RL to buy my cat food… got home after half an hour + and found myself STILL gray… this is how it made me feel today…

Taken at Image Essentials  ( I’ll add the LM since i crashed lol)

Bird in a Cage… a gray birdie as you can see 😛

Being caged in SL

As i was wandering around the sim… i was like blown away with the beauty of all the colors of the fail loading due to Linden Labs… but i did find a sitting pose, taken at Image Essentials again “). I have no clue what it is suppose to be but im adding it lol.

 Hanging with the unseen Deer ^-^

No clue what this suppose to be...

I went back to the props… and even thou i am gray i said, well lets take a picture …

Beautiful Miss Gray… skeletons are laughing at me 😥

Guess i can still be pretty... in its own way ...

Atleast my friend Enigma consoled me by saying, oh Haru its not you alone we all suffering, I showed him a picture of my grayness and he replied with his own saying, oh wait i got a better one, hold on!

Enigma :’)

even my friends are suffering...

If i didnt crash i guess i woulda still go have fun as Miss Gray “laughs” but im planning on napping for now… enjoy SL tonight ❤


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