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Exploring Poppy’s Paradise

All pictures taken at Poppy’s Paradise

Wearing my RP outfit for a whole week… i couldnt get enough of the look and the hair was such cuteness!!! I asked my friend to find me some LM for exploring while im at work RL and he home on his offday. So he got me like 4 LMs to work with… we went to the 3 first ones and Poppy’s last, the sim is really nice, i like it ^-^ Now here me and Shok trying the circle poses 🙂

Yes Ladies he is single

Another Huggie


Then we came in another day cuz it was late to take more pics ^-^

Tood Tood

Do something...



However… if you have RLVa on and collar on… I would suggest take it off before you port to poppy’s…this is why

U+21D3.svg    U+21D3.svg    U+21D3.svg

Luckily i was quick into putting back my clothes on…but i couldn’t move nor do shyte for 3 minutes lol… had to have my friend jump on pose so some strange guy luring for victims wouldn’t touch me 😛 Having RLVa on...

After that… it wasnt enough to get humiliated in that pose… some strange bush decided to eat me alive! This what the text said:

“Haruka feels something brush against their leg. Looking down, they let out a screech of fright as a gnarled root shoots up from the ground and winds itself up their leg, pulling them to their knees. Roots emerge from the dirt under the bush, snaking across Haruka’s flesh and holding them rigidly in place. As they work their way around their victim, Haruka’s clothes are ripped off, and their hair falls away from their body, removed by a waxy acidic material that coats the fibers of the plant. In essence, they are left naked and bare among the leaves and soil. Feels a tingling sensation throughout their body, as their vision begins to waver and fade in and out. Casting their gaze down upon their chest, their eyes go wide as they see a strange liquid oozing along it. Opening their mouth wide, they scream long and loud, until a branch stuffs its way into their mouth, making them gag. Branch protrudes in front of their eyes, cutting off their vision. During this time, their skin bubbles and runs as it is changed into a sticky, viscous sap. Soon, their entire body has been transformed, the translucent, malleable substance collecting in a pool deep within the bowels of the plant. Haruka is surprised to find themselves still conscious. Unusual feelings fill their mind – or, what’s left of it, anyway – as they are adeptly molded and shaped into a new form by the limbs of the bush. The sap hardens quickly, and a wave of color flashes across its surface, as the process is finally completed. Haruka has become a pink rose bush, covered in sweet-smelling flowers, and rooted to the ground a short distance away from the mother plant”.

Leads to this picture…

U+21D3.svg    U+21D3.svg    U+21D3.svg

Having RLVa on part 2...


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