Wardrobe of Myst

Mirror Mirror, On The Wall. . .

I was dwelling around the Fantasy Faire for days until i finally saw it all! Gawd that Faire was really good… the sim was really pretty and unique designed gotta say that. Now walking around I came at Mourningvale Thicket Sponsored by Roawenwood” Omg the darkness they created for that sim was gorgeous! It took me more than an hour to finally be done with the stores till i finally said screw it im buy this and this and this lol… the dress that got me the most is the one ima most now. Thank you Fantasy Fair creators for such a beautiful event 🙂

Wearing the outfit i already knew what kind of picture i wanted, and first thing i did was jump into IE chat box and asked for a mirror, Kay immediately jumped in to help me… omg we even got in the way of a poser, we felt bad :P… then she rezzed the mirro on top of the roof so i can use.

So yes picture taken @ Image Essentials

Dress cu sapato

My beautiful Dress: 

Hair: .ploom. Love – Indecisive @ .ploom.

Earrings: EarthStones With Love II Earrings @ Earthstones Jewelry

Necklace: EarthStones With Love II Necklace @ Earthstones Jewelry

Dress: [ SAKIDE ] Maestitia Dress Purple (gotten at Fantasy fair but) @ SAKIDE

Nails: Ultra Mesh Rigged Fingernails V6 @ Jamman Jewels & Accessories

Shoes:  [Gos] Boutique – Mae Platform – Black @ GoS

Pose and props: Image Essentials, Couple Section,  Mirror, Mirror Prop @ Image Essentials

P.S. I prefered the shoes pics like this for 2 reasons, 1- wearing as i was posing and 2- its how they look on the pose in the main picture up there ^^


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