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Shopping, Fairs, Shopping, Shopping… butterflies fluttering…

I was finally able to enter The Dark Style Fair 2014 event this weekend… you know the saying shop till you drop? Well… it took me a whole day to just cover HALF of the sim… well i take my time with whatever i do lol… my arms…. HURT tons!… they got tired of carrying bags ALL DAY LONG! Jeez why do they have to make so many stuff i like?! Let me share you some piccies i got …

All poses used for the piccies are the IE- Shopaholic set by Image Essentials found at FashionArt 2014 Event. Pics taken raw from SL, ill be posting another one with the clothing Im showing 🙂 reason for the butterflies… my wallet is NEALRY EMPTY!!! “sobs” allthou im quite HAPPY xD!.

If you havn’t visited the fair yet… i would suggest you take a look, it running till June 7th of 2014, here take the Limo ~> The Dark Style Fair 2014. Have fun ^-^

Close up

Too many bags!

Lets rest a bit

One two one two

Walk little legs


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