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“Without You”

I blame Kay for this… “pouts as she turned vulnerable”… These poses made me feel so hopelessly romantic… I just had to find the right persons to express them with. It wasnt hard to do so… since i knew the right person for them… My friends Rose & Sofa just leveled up from dating to official partners yesterday night [their boxes are still empty thou lol] and my friend who I know for a while who saw my blog and got interested in SL, welcome to SL Rall, I hope you enjoy it as much as we do :). As you can see not much to go into details on wardrobe… but if still interested IM me.Pictures taken @ Home.

Myst & Rall’s pictures with poses used: Pic 1 ~ Indulge, pic 2 – 3 ~ Kiss From A Rose found @ Image Essentials.

Rose & Sofa’s pictures with poses used: Pic 1 – 2 ~ Light My Fire, pic 3 ~ Adoration found @ Image Essentials.

Myst & Rall

Me and Rall 1

Me and Rall 2

Me and Rall 3

Rose & Sofa

Rose and Sofa 1

Rose and Sofa 2

Rose and Sofa 4

Currently i had to listen to:



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