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Apologizing for my short absence…

Just letting you guys know that i just got my baby [desktop] back today! I was sooo sad and annoyed without my pc… i was logging either on my phone, tablet or my craptop.

My darling [desktop] had an heart-attack where the heart died and he ended up in the morgue, but the alien blood regenerates so fast that it got a pulse, so it ended up in coma in intensive care… 2 days later it went to medium care where he was still in coma yet recuperating faster… Mr. Kenrick operated on him took out his heart [motherboard] and inplanted a new one! But for it to work they needed to replace basically all the organs [processor and my rams lol]… and today they called me telling me… well Erica… your baby is ready to leave the hospital [repair center] now… you can come pick it up!

I really hated using my craptop or phone… hence why i did nothing but … am ready to go again!

Later all ❤

Posting a picture Mom [Demi Juneberry] did of me… simply cuz i love it!

beautiful by mom

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