Wardrobe of Myst

Finally Over the Fakeness of Dummy/ Puppet Love

The Romantic part of me took over again ^-^… the naughtiness with Roy was just momentarily… he just sang to my soul with his unspoken words. I once again started to fall in love … It was really hard to actually meet, it required alot of magic to break through dimensions and when he was able to cross over we would be going around exploring, dancing, simply hanging out… and when he wasn’t able to cross over we mostly just hung in the garden around the gate of the portals. I really thought i was the only one for him since i found him ^-^

Just me and him at portal

As you can see… that’s how we spent most of our days when he couldn’t cross over… it wasn’t much but it was enough for me… I was planning to surprise him by getting him stuff he needs like, polishing stuff and oils and such so he can keep himself maintained… we don’t want him getting dirty and unattractive don’t we? ^–^. As i was out shopping for HIS stuff i was excited to see his reaction… as i was coming home from a busy day [note i has no clue about being a puppet hence it took longer] to surprised him…. the one that got surprised was me… i found him… nothing less… adoring his Old Master. He got out of his portal with me to use the portal to connect him to his Old Master. I dropped the bag with the stuff i got him when i saw how lively he was just being able to talk to his Old Master. Neither saw me of course…

him and him..

After this humiliation i decided never to fall in love again with a human size puppet/ dummy that gets attached to me… after all they are puppets who need attention and maintenance… I broke the portal so I didn’t have to see or meet him again… it was another strike just like with Prince… Now… Neither Prince or Roy was meant to be… but who knows… well i will still love puppets but ones i can control not those i cannot ^-^ Meet Kim Bum ❤

Kim Bum puppet edition

Credits to Kay Weston… Owner of Image Essentials who creates such purrfect poses and puppets i can play with ^-^ Poses in pic 1 & 2 were used for the GA Summerfest 2014 Festival Sim that was held… sadly i am late on posting the blog for it… they are still obtainable at Image Essentials thou ^-^

Poses in picture 1 & 2. IE – Who’s the Fairest @ Image Essentials

Puppet Pose in pic 3. IE – Puppet on a String 3 @ Image Essentials

Puppet on a String is a gacha play… if you want i could tell you which i got doubles off just lemme know ^^i kept playing to get Puppet on a String 1 which is Rare but didn’t so far 😦

Outfit of Myst:

Pic 1: 

Hair: Magika [02] Dreamy @ Magika

Outfit: *Epic* Kawaii Kokeshi Gear Doll Shirt Dress {White} @ Manga Fair 2014

Shoes: *CK* Guilty soul heels @ *CK* Crazy Kitty

Pic 3:

Hair: .Atomic. {Hair} Darling – Pastels @ Hair Fair 2014

Necklace: **RE** Chained Heart Collar RLV @ RealEvil Industries

Outfit: *::MODEST::*-Panda- Cute Animal Friends @ Manga Fair 2014

Shoes: R.icielli Lady Clou High Heels *Note. This was a gift from mom… so i didnt go check info about it lol dont wanna see pricing >.<


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