Wardrobe of Myst


As many of you know… The Aloha Event has started! I went to take a peek cuz “waves her purse” its empty >.> in any case… i walked around and got 3 or 4 things only… that’s really WEIRD isn’t it?! In any case, i saw a dress on the gacha machines i wanted so i played… and actually got the exact dress i wanted… how awesome is that? “chuckles” Credits to Image Essentials for the wonderful poses and hammock gift at the Fair, pictures taken at home 🙂

Aloha 1

Now presenting real reason i went there… Image Essentials! As I was getting ready for the hula hula dance… i had to be Lei’d first otherwise i cant partake in the dance at all… so I went and met up with the wonderful Dummy who I didnt ask name off and he gladly helped me by putting on the Lei on me ^^. Thank you Mr. Dummy :”)

Aloha 2

After receiving the Lei i can finally partake in the dance! Off i went to find me the skirt and the flowers to start learning the steps… oooof! It was hard at first but other then that its FUN! A still preview of what i learnt xD also by Image Essentials

Aloha 3

After such an eventful day… all i wanted is a rest. My friend came over and as we laid down talking without realizing… we both passed out lol. That’s how comfy this gift is! Gift by Image Essentials.

Aloha 4

You have to agree… these are sooo cool… i ended up getting me some Hula dances and dancing at clubs wearing my hula outfit lmao. It was such a fun day yesterday :).

Myst’s Details:

Pic 1:

Hair: Exile::Slow Burn Wildcards @ ::Exile::

Necklace: Gacha medallion silver lamb RARE @ The Aloha Fair

Dress: ***Arisaris Igs54 Haway4 @ The Aloha Fair

Tote Bag: Ninety-Bag Tote Lamb RARE @ The Aloha Fair

Shoes: ]S]N]0]B] Aloha Heels Exclusive (Slink High) wearing Red @ The Aloha Fair

Pose: was my own AO

Pic 2 & 3:

Hair on 2: Exile::Slow Burn Wildcards @ ::Exile::

Hair on 3: Exile::Stone Cold Seduction Wildcards @ ::Exile::

Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Iwana Milk 02 @ The Aloha fair

Outfit: * Charmed * Hula P-Accessories & Ti-Leaf Skirt Set – Ruby @MP  ::*) Charmed (*::

Lei: IE – Luau Lei White (b) @ The Aloha Fair

Pose on pic 2: IE – Getting Lei’d (b) @ The Aloha Fair

Poses on pic 3: IE – Luau (b) @ The Aloha Fair

Pic 4:

Hair: .ploom. Sea Salt – Candy HUD @ My attic @ The Deck

Bikini: {Blossom} Summer Lily – Bikini / Anime 1 @ The Manga Fair 2014

Skirt: [-S-] Tie Dye Skirt – Blue @ Static Main Store

Hammock: Gift @ The Aloha Fair


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