Wardrobe of Myst

“Swept Off My Feet”

Gotten an invitation to a private ball, Mysteriah didn’t have the courage to decline the invitation her friend had sent her. Here she was enjoying the little noiseless view by herself as she started to notice the fog coming up, not sure what to do next she actually decided she wanted head home, not sure if her friends would be happy about it since she has only been there for no less then an hour.

Fog coming up

Myst decided to just try and sneak out of the party and head home making sure none of her friends would have noticed her leaving. Gotten out of the bus and just looking around how thick the fog has gotten she just sighed as she knew the path to home was gonna be hellish in her heels… where all of a sudden she felt herself being pulled up as she screamed out loudly in surprise.

Suddenly picked up

“Don’t worry Missy, I’ll make sure you get home safely in this thick fog, I am not sure why you are risking being alone in this foggy night” As I looked up still scared until i realized it was Lucien, the new neighbor she felt relieved as she nodded. Feeling her cheeks slightly coloring at the realization of being picked up as a princess she gently wraps her arms around his neck.

Swept off my feet 2

Seeing the shapes of the houses coming up as Lucien still carrying her through the forest with the thick fog made her feel relieved since she is almost home.

Swept off my feet

Myst’s outfit:

Hair: Magika [02] Meadow @ Magika

Jewelries: EarthStones Caged Pearls I – Tahitian Black @ Earthstones Jewelry

Dress: TS-Formal-Kait-Colection- Black @ ::: Tori’s Stylez :::


Pose: Swept Off Your Feet Dummy, Black Fair @ Black Fashion Fair opens on August 08 till August 22, 2014

Picture 1 taken @ Japan Tempura Island

Pictures 2-3-4 taken @ Image Essentials using “Enchanted Forest” destination


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