Wardrobe of Myst

Fantasy Gacha Carnival 1

So like… i been busy… cursing, crying, pouting, stomping, all this time just to get into the FGC and when finally in… not to mention i only went for 3-4 gachas… i ended up stomping, pouting, yelling at my screen, cursing again cuz it was sooo hard getting what i wanted! But i managed to get some stuff… ima be posting them shortly… one after the other… I was checking out flickr piccies and i totally fell in love with Ton Thumper‘s[his flickr page] interpretation on some of the FGC items… to the point that i wanted what he had on 😛 I ofcourse had to add my own stuff to it. Picture taken @ Kyoto BAKUMATSU Little Yoshiwara – Bakumatsu Period Japan & Cultural Area.


Fantasy Gacha Carnival Items @ FGC, august 2014 :

Zibska ~ Takeshi ~ Headpiece &Chestpiece in Silver, =Kio= Abandoned – Oriental Destiny RARE

Then i hopped over to Tales Of Fantasy items:

Luas Iballa Skirt, Bracers & Pauldrons Red

And then i had to get me a weapon, undershirt and atleast slippers lol

Boglach Glaive @ .Eldritch. , !takageta kuro : kokorotayori [gacha item] @ Kyoto BAKUMATSU & -D&Z-Samurai Bandage Shirts Female @ DeskaZakuska Store


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