Wardrobe of Myst

“I love this dress”

I was at Razor checking out what i wanted and Casper logged and wanted to see what I’m getting, I tried the first row dress… but it was way to short for my liking lol… kept looking and saw this and immediately fell in love with it! Its sooo short yet not TOO short and the boots is totally gorgeous aswell! I couldnt find a hair i wanted with this dress but this one… i tried like 20 but kept coming to this one. Casper was walking around and saw me trying on the demo and was: ” I love this dress, you are showing alot of lets yet not your booty” lol… he had to laugh himself 😛

Mini Razor Dress

Mini Razor Dress:

Hair: [taketomi]_Kaya_Platinums @ Taketomi

Collar: **RE** Chained Heart Collar RLV @ RealEvil Industries

Dress: Razor /// Abandon Tube Dress – Black @ Razor

Watch: **RE** LUX Viva Watch @ RealEvil Industries

Boots: Razor /// Valeska Boots – Graffiti Punk @ Razor

Poses: Pose used its *EverGlow* – Girls597 @ *EverGlow*


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