Wardrobe of Myst

Day 7-8-9-10-11-12. Ploom’s 12 days of Christmas Event!

Ploom’s 12 days of Christmas Event is over hence i putting all the rest of the days together ❤

Day 7: Hair Riley and Pose Cuddly

Day 7

Day 7 set:

Gloves: Razor /// Foe Gloves – Fatal @ Razor

Top:.:cheeky:. chain neck Top! dark Black @ .:cheeky:.

Panties: .ARISE. Vee String / Black @ .ARISE.

Pants: Creep – Rawr – White @ Creep

Day 8: Hair Ayane and Pose S is for Sled

Day 8

Day 8 set:

Complete outfit: MOoH! Candy queen @ MOoH!

Boots: MOoH! Pink thigh highs @ MOoH!

Day 9: Hair Betsy and Pose Jingle All The Way

Day 9

Day 9 set:

Outfit: Blueberry & Cloud9 – Christmas Miss Reindeer Outfit @ Blueberry was at the Frost 2014 event until yesterday

Boots: REIGN.- Elixir Boots- White @ REIGN

Day 10: Hair Mash and Pose Present II

Day 10

Day 10 Set:

Panties: ::c.A.:: Regina *Red butterfly* @ ::c.A.:: Chocolate Atelier

Day 11: Hair Lottie and Pose Peaking

Day 11

Day 11 Set:

Dress: (E-Tech) Zoey Dress @ (E-Tech)

Day 12, last day: Hair Moxie and Pose It’s Over

Day 12

Day 12 set:

Dress: LoveCats Diamante gown Womenstuff 2014 @ some hunt a friend took me not sure where it is hopefully it’s LoveCats Designs


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