Wardrobe of Myst

Gift… cant chose…

[Last few hours of FROST 2014 EVENT]

I was thinking on getting a friend a pressy… he is that kind of friend who you cant live with nor live without… yet I wasn’t sure what i wanna get my friend… i thought so hard and then got the idea for this plushie… i tried re acting how to give him the plushie… but seems it wasnt “it’…

Gift 1

Gift 2

I thought about a globe… maybe the handy globe would be much better… specially if it reflects what i feel… “grins”

Gift 3

Gift 4


Hair: .ploom. Ayane – Candy hud @ .ploom.

Outfit: MOoH! Candy queen @ MOoH!

Boots: MOoH! Pink thigh highs @ MOoH!

Poses and props: IE- Bearable and Handy Globe @ Image Essentials initially till today @ FROST 2014


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