Wardrobe of Myst

“Daring Myst”

Right, this is not something I guess I would usually do… but using my friend’s words, “Myst, its just an avi” as reference i said lets try. Deep down, i guess i should agree with her statement, it took me like nearly a week to actually be able too and thats due to my personality, its a bit hard, but i tried ^^ Real was really mean! “pouts” in making something like this that would make me feel omg ima smack him! yet i still wanted to blog about it for him, specially after his line “If you like them, please use them in your posts”


Details on my blindfold and Real’s thingies… lol

details on daring

Myst’s look:

Hair: Exile::Time and Sound Wildcards @ Exile::

Blindfold: Air_Blind01_Black1_TM [gacha item] @ Jewelry glasses “Air” main shop

Collar: **RE** Chained Heart Collar RLV @ RealEvil Industries

Nipples piercing: **RE** LUX Nipple Shields & Piercings [using Bitch] @ RealEvil Industries

Outfit: [Haste] Provocation Black @ We ❤ RolePlay 

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V2.1 @ Maitreya

Pose: .[ pose+ivity ]. Cherise1 @ Pose+ivity Mainstore


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