Wardrobe of Myst

Haruka ‘s goal for 2015

Colorful Myst lol

I have to thank Star Singleton, for reminding me on a goal I did set for myself for 2015… each year I make 3 main goals and 2 hobby goals… for both lives… my RL and my SL…

2015 main goals for SL:

1. Clear out & Organize my inventory…

Yes, as most of you guys know…I’m a hoarder… now clearing out doesn’t really mean go on a rampage and delete what i dont even use, it might sound lame but yes some of my items for as old as they might be have some sentimental meanings…on the other hand i really need to organize my inventory since I got atleast over 10k items to yet open… believe, this is one of the hardest thing to do… 57k items that keeps increasing… perhaps I need someone to take away my purse *laughs*

2. Clear out my friendlist in world…

This might sound really rude to most yet again its something we got to do. Am not planning in just go and delete people, forst i gotta interact with those in my friendlist and see if we can either resume the friendship or let them go… I have had some for over 7 yrs some who like me log from time to time… granted i been away from SL for long periods aswell but its a steady 11 months i have been back and dont see me getting away from SL anytime soon but same way i am… there are others… and those who perhaps really quit I don’t know for sure… but… I think it is time to stop keeping a hold on those who did walk out.

3. To try and be more social…

Wait what?! You are not social?!! Yes most of you, friends, know my social side from Demonic, but when not there I am a total shut in… saying this is kinda letting you know how I am in RL too but hey that’s how I always been and why I want to start in SL… usually I am not the ine to contact you first unless I really like you and don’t want to lose the connection we have… it may sound weird but yes I want to try and be a bit more social… this gonna be hard

2015 Hobby goals for SL:

4. Steady my blogposts…

Try to work with a fix post per week instead of rambling when i can or feel like, as of lately i been rather weak, had 2 surgeries in July and November 2014 and since last week i am home with the flu that isnt leaving yet lol, when i feel sick like this i dont care about anything, but if i am working with a fix post i have to do weekly then i will have to do them, granted that if i am too sick to do so i wouldnt over do it ^^.

5. Get better at pictures…

I love taking pictures, but i suck at editing pictures, lol, i admit it, hence i need to start learning more about editing and finally this month get my graphic card updated, since last year that my pc went into a coma i was told i need a new one in probably a month, yet here am still rolling with the one that supposed to have died… all though it is messing with me from time to time 🙂

And here you go, Haruka’s Catteneo’s Goals for 2015.


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