Wardrobe of Myst

Asian Look

“I Stand Tall Like a Bamboo Tree”

I stand tall like a bamboo tree, Strong winds make my body to sway, Storm makes me blown away, But I still stand like a bamboo tree. Trials, problems that I faced everyday, I have the strength to pursue it anyway, The dreams that I have in mind, Though it’s simple but it’s one of a kind. Insults, negative people may put me down, On my head, I still have my precious crown, God gave me the courage to be strong, Like a bamboo tree it sways bravely. I stand tall and firm with my decision, To be successful because of my determination, No one can destroy my aim in life, I tell you my friend, Like a bamboo tree I survived, I can till the end. By Maria Paz Samelo.

Another outfit i made during the FGC of august 2014 i believe it was, but never gotten into taking a pic about it… i am not sure you can still find the items but i still put the creator’s lm to it just in case.

Asian look 1


asian look 1 details

Myst’s outfit:

Hair: Exile::London to L.A: 15. Wild Fusion 2 RARE by ::Exile::

Headdress: [Tia] Empress Set – RARE  Headdress by Tia

Face strap: =Kio= Abandoned – Asian Desire EPIC by ≌ Kio❇Kio

Outfit: !dM Sakura – ShibariDress **MIDNIGHT SAKURA** (BOX) – RARE by !dM ~ deviousMind

Arm accessories: .a. -Sadhana- UpperArms by .Aisling.

Hand fans: .a. -Sadhana- Fans  RARE by .Aisling.

Back fans: 1. [BP] War Fans black_rare & 2. [BP] War Fans 04_common by [BP] ~[BlackPearls]

Leg accessories: 1. .a. -Sadhana- LowerLegs B & 2. .a. -Sadhana- LowerLegs C by .Aisling.

Pose was gift during the FGC: .aisling.  Pose 3 by .Aisling.

Location: Bamboo Garden @ Image Essentials



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