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Butterfly Prince

Jack 2b

“Jack always loved butterflies, yet always hid the fact he did. On a lovely summer day he made sure no one was around to go play in the fields with the butterflies, little did he know that I, Haruka, was sneaking behind a gnome tree to snap pictures. I had heard of his playing in the flower fields but was never able to capture him, so i started to stalk him. As he was dancing around, running around and twirling like a princess i kept snapping piccies here and there, after a while he got tired and just layed down on the flower bed and i snuck away making sure he doesn’t notice me.”


Ok… original reason of the piccies 😛

[2015/01/22 16:35] Kohlar: attempts to redeem herself
[2015/01/22 16:35] Kohlar: → COME ON ! ←
[2015/01/22 16:35] Kohlar: \m/ (◣_◢) \m/
[2015/01/22 16:35] Mysteriah (haruka.catteneo): think of
[2015/01/22 16:35] Mysteriah (haruka.catteneo): butterflies
[2015/01/22 16:36] Mysteriah (haruka.catteneo): flowers
[2015/01/22 16:36] Kohlar: Myst, Ive tried this before but my butterflies in my head are kinky
[2015/01/22 16:36] Mysteriah (haruka.catteneo): jack in a mankini running around chasing the butterflies as he sings a song
[2015/01/22 16:36] Kohlar: lmao
[2015/01/22 16:36] Kohlar: mankini
[2015/01/22 16:36] ஐ ღ ЯĞ ღ ஐ (rg.lionheart): hahahahaha
[2015/01/22 16:36] Jack Battle (battlebots): who told you about my weekend??
[2015/01/22 16:36] ღ Vąɱþïŗą şŧεεℓε ღ (epvampira): hehehe
[2015/01/22 16:36] Kohlar: rofl Jack
[2015/01/22 16:37] Kohlar: did you snap any pics?
[2015/01/22 16:37] Mysteriah (haruka.catteneo): u showed me a link of a piccie but then took it down
[2015/01/22 16:37] Mysteriah (haruka.catteneo): i was too slow kohlar 😦
[2015/01/22 16:37] Kohlar: awwww
[2015/01/22 16:37] Jack Battle (battlebots): ill send you the textures. they’re all of an ill-fitting banana hammock.
[2015/01/22 16:37] Kohlar: ahahahahaha
[2015/01/22 16:38] Kohlar: Banana Hammock…..uhm yea I get that one 😀
[2015/01/22 16:38] Jack Battle (battlebots): lol
[2015/01/22 16:38] Mysteriah (haruka.catteneo): lol
[2015/01/22 16:38] Kohlar: Now the mental images in my head, omg omg

And in my IM box:
[2015/01/23 15:15] Mysteriah (haruka.catteneo): sunday we doing that piccie… make sure u get a bright yellow mankini… dont buy show me before u buy and ima get the location lol
[2015/01/23 15:16] Jack Battle (battlebots): yup
[2015/01/23 15:16] Mysteriah (haruka.catteneo): ima tell u it will take some time to do it
[2015/01/23 15:17] Jack Battle (battlebots): am i getting paid for this?
[2015/01/23 15:18] Mysteriah (haruka.catteneo): yes
[2015/01/23 15:18] Mysteriah (haruka.catteneo): wit hur own piccie
[2015/01/23 15:18] Mysteriah (haruka.catteneo): with ur*
[2015/01/23 15:18] Jack Battle (battlebots): hmmm i dunno


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