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Trying to reach yet not enough…

“Oh… i found one i found one said Haru”. Running through the forest they reached the tree that had what they been searching for all day long, a beehive, as they try to reach it, it was obvious neither will be able too.” Hmm, shall i climb up?” Said Rave as he walked around the tree trying to see if its climbable. “I don’t know, don’t think you would be able too, what about you help me up and see if i can reach?” Rave walked up to Haru and picked her up, stood under the hive and still wasnt enough. He then dropped Haru down and walked around the tree again and spotted the stone hiding under the grass. “Haru, here, move over a bit here”. Rave climbed on top of the rock and helped Haru climb as well, he then picked her up and held her up.” Try now Haru, try reaching for the hive”. Haru tries and tries, tiptoes on Rave’s claws to reach for the hive and yet it wasn’t close enough… no beehive means no honey for Rave & Haru…

Me and Monkey as Bears

Haru is wearing:

Bear avatar: MOoH! Love bear avy lilac/blue 1 [gacha item] @ Streets of Love Event

Pose: [E3D] Diorama – Reach A Little Further @ MP [E3D] Diorama

Rave is wearing:

 Bear Avatar: MOoH! love bear avy brown/beige[gacha item] @ Streets of Love Event 

Pose: Lift me up ~ boy one @ MP Dare to Dream Pose’s 


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