Wardrobe of Myst


Its so hard to really believe in love, yet there are these two lovebirds that keeps proving me wrong all the time. Meet Mrlonghair and Riki. I have known these two for nearly a year, I met them at a club, and kept hanging with them. Riki, well was a bit of a hard to get, yet Mrlonghair never gave up, they have known each other for 3 years, and they finally are saying “I Do” to each other this coming Valentine’s Day 2015. I cannot be more happy for Riki, since she is such a lovely woman and cannot be more happy for Mrlonghair since, he actually showed that, perseverance can make miracles happen. Congratz to you two, my beloved friends, may your happiness a lifetime.

MrLong and Riki 1

MrLong and Riki 2

MrLong and Riki 3

Props and poses made by Kay Weston → Image Essentials

Pic 1: IE – Key to my heart (b), Pic2: IE – Love Heart (b) and Pic 3: IE – Dual Hearts (b) @ With Love Fair 2015

funny faces picture time!Funny MrLong and Riki

Dedicating my favorite song to you two ❤


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