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A look on Vega City where true luxury is affordable

Welcome to Vega City

I got invited to this City and it simply is a beautiful sim, Ggio, the sim owner showed me around and is planning its opening on March 28th 2015, YES! in 2 days!

Vega City, a community, where its not just a city you sit idle, there is a shopping center, cafe & bar, music, the main community center where you can find gaming rooms, a library, a theater and rooms where events can be held, sounds lovely doesn’t it? 😛 Vega city is primarily a mesh-constructed city, a mixture of residential and commercial community where residents can be close to home while they still do some shopping, activities, clubbing, studying, etc etc ^^. Residential consist of Luxury Homes, Apartments and Sky Homes.

Feel free read more here on their website Vega City or visit their Facebook page VEGA City and just in case their Flickr group page Vega City. Remember its a new beginning for Vega City, If you are free pay a visit on their opening and enjoy the sim to its most 🙂 Here, landmark to Vega City

Condos and logoVega city 01

Close up on logo and ofcourse the ducks! ❤Vega city 02

Residential area where the skyscrapers are the only high risesVega city 03

commercial area with a cute cafeVega city 04

Community area in the middle with residential area aroundVega city 05

Vega city 07

BTW the high rise area, skyscrapers are really gorgeous 🙂Vega city 06

Back view on Vega CityVega city 08

and ofcourse… cant miss the aerial view on Vega CityVega city aerial view

And yes, for as strange as it is, this time, it isn’t about me but this beautiful sim ^-^


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