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Happy Easter my dear friends ♥

I wish all of you, celebrating Easter today or next week, a very happy Easter! Enjoy it with your family and friends and don’t go egg hunting too much :P… here where I am from, its during camping season, so we camp near the beach and take the little kids to the beach while the grown ups hide eggs so the children can hunt them and win prizes ^-^ it is a tradition that hopefully will never die within our family… it takes time to boil them up, paint decorate them and then hide them making sure its not lost… it is a fun thing to do, just eating all of them… well imagine that 😛

Happy Easter friends

Bunny Haru

Bunny Haru:

Hair: *Dura-Girl*60(White) @ Dura Dura

Head: 1 .tsg. Dakota Mesh Head X Tone @ The Sugar Garden

Eyes: IKON Charm Eyes – Black @ IKON

Butterfly hair wise: Persefona Victoria Headband (4) @ MP Persefona was at Color me Project Event

Butterfly nose wise: Butterfly On Nose [AA] FAA111B @ MP Alli’s Attic

Body suit with cuffs, collar, tail, ears and shoes: Jinx (DD) Easter Bunny Girl – Pink @ Jinx was at Color me Project Event

Pose: Vestige Candy 3 @ Sweet Cupcake Fair 2015

Decor: Easter Eggs @ MP Pinky Villota & Trees ~ Gnome-dawn, Banshee-green, Goblin-green & Flowers ~ Forgetmenot Blue, white and pink @ Alirium & bubble chairs @ HPMD

Thanks to Chongo this song kept going in my head lol


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