Home decor and stuff


Oni Myst home view


Oni Myst pose 1

All we need is …

Oni Myst pose 2

To be alone …

Oni Myst pose 3

To enjoy a Serene…

Oni Myst pose 4

And Silent…

Oni Myst pose 5


Oni Myst closer 1

with Ourselves…

Oni Myst closer 3

Tranquility, Peace And Love

Oni Myst closer 2

 To fill our own Mind, Body, Heart and Soul…

Oni Myst closer 4

Oni Haru:

Poses: IE – Couture (b) @ The 100 Block

Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Saya hair-Black set @ Ayashi

Mask on head: *N*AKA-HANNYA BOX @ Xiasumi School Festival

Horns: .:^AY^:.Ayatori Horn @ Xiasumi School Festival

Charms: antielle. Ofuda Charms (Akuryou Taisan) @ Xiasumi School Festival

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.0 @ Maitreya

Skin: [PF] <Vamp> – Doll V2 Maitreya applier @ Pink Fuel

Wings: C L A Vv. Tengu Wings Bloody RARE [gacha]@ Xiasumi School Festival

Tattoo: antielle. Okami Amaterasu (Wear Me!) @ Xiasumi School Festival

Necklace: [CX] Prayer Beads Necklace (Black) @ Xiasumi School Festival

Drums: [CX] Raijin’s Drums (unpacked) @ Xiasumi School Festival

Outfit: *katat0nik* (black red) Spoopy Nurse for Slink & Maitreya @ Xiasumi School Festival

Butterfly swirling around me: *Epic* Sparkle Flutterfly Trails! {Night} -Wear!- @ Epic


Full Serene Sanctuary Set by 8F8 [gacha] @ Xiasumi School Festival // [Link to Vendor Image on Flickr]

Full Silent Conversations Set by 8F8 [gacha] @ Black Kite // [Link to Vendor Image on Flickr]

Single Young Sakura with Beeds by 8F8 @ Black Kite

Bird Cage by 8F8 @ Black Kite

Bamboo Trees by KIDD GRASS @ KIDD Grass Garden

Pink Trees ~ *alirium* yoshino @ Alirium

Maple Tree and Albuca cooperi [infront of pond] by Mitsuko Kytori @ Hayabusa Design 

Bushes 1 ~ HPMD* Shrub – green*a @ HPMD

Bushes 2 ~ *a* Goblin : green : A @ Alirium

Grass covering entire floor ~ *alirium* ItchyGrass [DarkGreen] @ Alirium


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