Wardrobe of Myst


Yesterday the Nightmare Event (ps there is a hunt aswell at the event so make sure u dont miss it, its really well done!) opened and i JUST had to pick up Aii’s head… even if it isnt Maitreya compatible or my skin inst Omega compatible, after all we all were default avatars before :P. But when i first saw a picture of this it reminded me of Rachnera Arachnera of Monster Musume No Iru Nichijou, this is an anime I just recently watched… i had such a hard time trying to find what i was looking for… but didnt find what I wanted all thou am quit satisfied with what i gotten ^^ now i couldnt be happier since I didnt have to get me webs… she made dem all \o/. Now, the building i am nested in is by bouwerk, might not look like it but it is, gotten last night at The Gathering 2015 Event ^^

Drooling at a sight of dinner Drooling at the sight of a prey

Getting ready for attackArachnia Haruka

Caught her dinner and getting readySpider Haru 1

To devour her dinner Spider Haru 2

Hears noise outside her areaSpider Haru

Haru is wearing:

Hair: tableau vivant \\ editorial \ Laying – Browns (modded color so it matches the body)

Head & Skin: + Arachnia Head.Eyes.Skin. Pack  (wear me) + {aii} @ The Nightmare Event 2015

Avatar: Arak/Drider (Dark Widow Female) @ Grendel’s Children

Building: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Moments of Contemplation – ULTRARARE @ The Gathering 2015


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