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Haru & Pain @ IronWood Hills

I been on a adventure stroll lately and i dont regret it. Me and Pain been exploring and doing our PaleoQuest… i still pout because, i cant get the ride-able dino, so many times i did the quests… i dont deny, i enjoy the quests… i end up going to bed at like 2 or 3 am just doing the quests. It is one of the places Pain introduced me too and man i recommend everyone to try it… its been going on for a while, its a sim set by linden labs. I would talk more about PaleoQuest later on in another post, for now, back to the picture theme.

We (me and Helena) saw a lovely picture on Flickr with the location set, so while i was fighting in Epiphany Helena went and grabbed a landmark to it, we found out it was Ironwood Hills sim, and omg, i love the place~ i had fun walking around running into zombies and into goats that sound from afar. I was running all around so Pain had no other option but to pick me up and drag me around 😛 not that i didnt mind ofcourse. I walked all over the place, and i really loved how they did this bank? not sure how u guys would call it, the trees in the water as you see dead bodies all over, was just perfect in my opinion. I didnt really touch the pics that much, only added a little bit of blur to de-edge it a bit cuz well my video card that was in a coma for a year decided to wake up AND is dying on me “cries”

Me & Pain

Me & Pain 2

Me & Pain 3

Me & Pain 4

Me & Pain 5

Me & Pain 6

Me & Pain 7

Me & Pain 9

Haru is wearing:

Pet: MishMish – Grim Reaper Companion (soul) [BOXED] @ Collabor88
Hair: Tableau Vivant \\  Burtonette – Blacks+Whites (unpacked) @ Collabor88
Head: Lelutka Mesh Head-KARIN
Make up: Glam Affair ( Lelutka Heads ) Dia De Los Muertos 04 @ Collabor88
Jewel: Le Morte – Mystic Jewel
Collar: Le Morte – Lock3d Faith – Black
Necklace: Le Morte – Taint3d Love – Black
Outfit: *katat0nik* (blackwhite) Beetle J Outfit for Slink & Maitreya @ Collabor88
Bracelets: {Scene} Death Grip w/Power HUD
Knee guards: .DirtyStories. Skeleton Knee Guards
Shoes: SHEY Strap Q Stilettos

Pain is wearing:

Pet: MishMish – Grim Reaper Companion (time) [BOXED] @ Collabor88
Hair:  *Dura-Boy*62 (Wood Bark)-WB
Skin: +Nuuna+ The Creep Male Skin
Vest:  [[NS]] Men’s Forsaken Striped Suit Coat w/ Tie (Charcoal)
Gloves: ::GB:: Studded Gloves / Black
Pants:  [[NS]] Men’s Death Leather Harness Block Pants (Charcoal)
Location: Ironwood Hills sim

Poses: . Infiniti . pics 1-4 – No More! – & pics 5-8 – Clarity – Couples Pose


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