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Peeking in on a witch ~ Shhhh ~

*Recently we heard there was a witch around the neighborhood, so we decided to go snoop around, little did we know that when we thought she didn’t know we were peeking on her she knew all along. She just pretended she didn’t know we were around until we got thought we could get close enough yet ended up falling into her trap*

First time we peeked through the window, was what got us curiousPeeking through the window

Turning to the other side, we saw HER! standing there working on potionsPeeking on a witch from far

On of us silently went around to peek through the door to that “Potion Room ~ Do Not Disturb”Peeking through the door

One of us tried moving towards the closer window, for a closer lookPeeking on a witch

Now we are the ones who are gonna be used as potion materials 😦Peeking on a witch closer look

Haru is wearing:
(PS, Tag! Gacha info: please remember to grab the Tag! Gacha HUD if you haven’t yet at Gachatopia, wear it and random spin to visit the stores participating, also don’t forget to click on every store’s urn to unlock the stores, unlocking them stores get you to the bonus room for unlocking after that one you can then head to the coupon room, also don’t forget, you need to keep wearing the Tag! Gacha HUD on to play the machines ^^)

Hair: Doe: Grand High Witch – Monotone HUD ~ wearing Web ~ Tag! Gacha Item Bonus Room
Eyes: -SU!- Spectrum Eyes BLIND
Eyelashes: Oceane – Feather Flash Mesh Lashes
Eyeshadows: .random.Matter. – Plague Shadows ~ Noir
Piercings 1,2 & 3: PUNCH / Moon Tear, Star Tear & CrossPieces Dull
Nose Piercing: DAZED. – Anivia Nose Chains Onyx
Lips: [[ CR ]]Nyam Nyam
Lipstick: .random.Matter. – Silka – Nyam Nyam v2 ~ Void
Collar: Le Morte – Lock3d Faith – Black
Outfit: -Pixicat- All-Seeing.Nr2 – Purple (Maitreya) ~ Tag! Gacha Item
Hand Jewelry: . aisling. Darshana Hand Jewelry
Grimoire: Birdy – Hocus Pocus – Spellbook – Gold RARE
Pet 1: [HD]My friend ghost <00>RARE
Pet 2: lassitude & ennui Whispering imp pet sandy ~ Tag! Gacha Item
Boots: REIGN.– Marylin Boots- Black
Tattoo: [White~Widow] Southpaw – Black – RARE
Pose: KOY – Spells – 3

.aisling. DIY Love Potion, complete set(is gacha)
.aisling. Magic Potions Shelves
.aisling. Candles ~ using Red
.aisling. BeMine Potion Set
. a i s l i n g . Lady Sciarri ~ Lounger and Lamp

Location: 🌟 Haru’s Garden ~ Gacha Delight 🌟 (side room at my little resell area)


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