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Keeping the moon company

For the last couple of months many of my friends been wondering what I was up too. It was just a handful or rather less den 3 who knew what I was going through. You know there is this one time when you feel like you want everyone to just leave you the f**k alone. Yes I know, not really nice to use those words, but it is a word that fits very well. The negative feelings I was having I did not realize how they were.

There was a moment when even my RL mom told me “Listen here missy! Don’t you dare take it out on us or the cats or dogs, or else Ima break your precious baby (my puuuuter). That is when i realized that my mood was really really bad. To be honest I am glad I just turned away from everyone and everything, that saved me from regrets. I could call it being depressed, could call it being emotional, bottom line is I was feeling like crap and I was in the state that I could care less about others, so I just crawled into my shell and left the world do its thing. Yes I am already a hermit in RL, am anti-social and secluded, so it didnt hurt one bit, but for SL it did hurt a bit, it hurt those who didnt know what was happening and still kept waiting for me.

After the third month I decided to force myself out of my comfort zone and went and play a game I knew none of my friends played, after the second week playing I started feeling comfortable again socializing with others (ps I was afraid to be mean to my friends hence i was hiding on another game and yes Ky you are a reason i came out of my comfort zone completely). It has been a week now I am back into my old networking stuff, like Skype, FB, SL and such.

And I have to say a big fat THANK YOU! to all of you who kept waiting for my return and to be patient in not trying to squeeze answers out of me knowing I rather not share. You all know who you are ♥

Hiding in the clouds

Sneak peak

Time to join them down there

Myst is wearing:
Hair: no.match_ ~ NO_MAGIC ~ Pack of BLACKS
Dress: .::Dead Dollz::. Beagle – Lily
Skin: Misa Skin Porcelain tone (Enfer Sombre*)

8f8 – Dreamer’s Cloudland
{anc} mist cloud&nebra beads [Heavenlyblue]

I just wish they would record her version of this song :3


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