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Nearly nude Dolls; Sisters

Me & Lena, always together. I am rather not going in order~ lol~ this we just did and its the first one im posting ^^

Sisters in Doll skin

Hair: ~Myst~.Olive. the Snow Queen Hair – RARE // ~Lena~ .Olive. the Flutterby Hair RARE
Headdress: ~Myst~ *May’s Soul* Ave maria bone // ~Lena~ +Half-Deer+ Fairy Fawn Set – Cream
~Myst~ *Tentacio* Galatea Doll. Body & Head Nude Natural
~Lena~ *Tentacio* Galatea Doll – Body (Inked/Vamp)  & Head Vamp B
~Myst~ *Tentacio* Galatea Doll. Bra & Thong Silver
~Lena~ *Tentacio* Galatea Doll. Bra & Thong Black
~Myst~ + Double Hagoromo (wear me) + {aii} // ~Lena~ + Hagoromo Butterfly Pinku+ {aii}
Holding pets: ~Myst~ Birdy – Wilbur – Light Pink // ~Lena~ Birdy – Hocus Pocus – Mr. Bigglesworth – White

Pose: {pose maniacs} 158

8f8 – Dreamer’s Box – Flock of Lights
8f8 – Dreamers’s Box – Dandelion Lights
{anc} cocktailbird/ bird:pink:stand /wear&rez 3Li (move)
{anc} cocktailbird/ bird:blue:stand /wear&rez 3Li (move)
{anc} cocktailbird/ bird:pink:fly /wear&rez 3Li (move)
{anc} cocktailbird/ bird:blue:fly /wear&rez 3Li (move)
Foxes – Travelling Heart – Whippet – Sitting – Snow @ Epiphany
Foxes – Travelling Heart – Whippet – Standing – Snow @ Epiphany
{anc} MoonLightLounge. baby pig.sit 1Li
{anc} MoonLightLounge. baby pig.stand 1Li




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