Wardrobe of Myst

Secret Hide Out

Oh gosh, where to start~
This set up got me sooooooo mad! Like seriously~ It isn’t because of decorating, rather for the simple fact that once I start decorating, if something is missing i keep searching and decorating. It was suppose to just be one part of the skybox i had rezzed for the set up, guess what?! I ended decorating nearly all of the freaking skybox! I cant lie, i had fun decorating, YES that was fun, what wasn’t fun was how searching for one item, I ended up organizing → Created a folder for decors only → created folders in this folder by creators // stores THEN → since most are gacha related ended up creatings folders by set & a folder for doubles. I’m gonna give an example; I made the folder for Ionic, inside the Ionic folder i made folders by the sets that i own and a folder for double gachas, in the folder for double gachas I made folder by sets. Now for the sets that i have, if it isn’t completed I have it named with what am missing.
So basically what suppose to take me less then an hour to set up, ended up taking me a total of 7 – 8 hours over the 3 days I started putting stuff out lol.

Anyways~ I call it “The Secret Hide Out” for the simple reason that it feels secluded. Lena (sis) already took pics using the set up, I feel so happy that she liked it to take pics with it! Anyways here are the pics I did with my set.

Secret Hide Out

Perverted bunny

Save me i dont wanna cook

Kitty stole my pc

Bed hijacked by Rue ♥

Haru’s outfit:
Hair: Doe: Loopsie (Solid) – Candy RARE @ Epiphany
Skin applier for head & body: Catwa Skin – Mocha – Isabella (Enfer Sombre*) @ Epiphany
Headphones: ::Axix:: RadioGirl KittyHeadphone RARE @ Epiphany
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Yuna // Pale Green Eye
Nose piercing: MONS / MESH – Septum Ringz Gacha (style-3) Silver @ Epiphany
Ice cream: ::Axix:: RadioGirl FunnyFeet Sweet @ Epiphany
Choker: *Besom~ Luna Choker*Lavender* @ Epiphany
Necklace 1: Izzie’s – A2 (Flower Necklace) @ Epiphany
Necklace 2: Izzie’s – B6 (Message Necklace) @ Epiphany
Necklace 3: Izzie’s – C2 (Heart Necklace) @ Epiphany
Necklace 4: Izzie’s – D2 (Gem Necklace) @ Epiphany
Necklace 5: Izzie’s – Long Moon Necklace (Epiphany Exclusive) @ Epiphany
Pet on shoulder: *Drot* Spirit Owl – Black (RARE) @ Epiphany
Top: ::Axix:: RadioGirl Shirt Wifi (Maitreya) @ Epiphany
Belt: ::Axix:: RadioGirl BeltEarphones @ Epiphany
Nails: ~GD~Sin’s Passion(GG No Gems) – For Maitreya Mesh Hands
Rings: PUNCH / Heart Ring
Panties: p.a. boy.briefs.gacha (m.lara) purple/pink [bag] @ Epiphany
Bracelets: :BAMSE: Belonging Bracelets – Beauty / Beast & He / She Is Mine
Tattoos: [White~Widow] Shallows – Black – RARE @ Epiphany
Flying pet: darkendStare. diabolic dragonlings [Void] (fly) @ Epiphany

Poses: Image Essentials ~ IE woman lay 2m, IE – vintage 9, IE – vintage 7 & IE woman lay 5

*HEXtraordinary* Perching Faerie Dragon – Amethyst
Quirky & Atomic ~ Heart Shaped Dreamer Complete Set  (including exclusive) @ Epiphany
MishMish: Kitties go to market – Computer RARE & Kitties go to market – I haz a shopping list @ Epiphany
Ionic: Daydream – 2 & 6; Eureka! – 3; INSPIRE! – 1, – 3 & 8; La Vie de Bomèhe – 2; Algo de Amor – 4 & 7; The Secret Garden – Glass Lantern
Axix: Bunny Toy EXCLUSIVE & RadioGirl Radio Dreamer @ Epiphany
Dust bunny: Sleepless attic skybox; Small spaces kitchen; Kitchen essentials & book pile
Tres Blah: Salad Days – Gold Alarm Clock, Ruffled Clutch, Cat Face Jade, Fox Tail Agave, Easy Listening, Cactus, Deer Bust (Silver/Black) RARE & Trusty Table; Hodgepodge – Snail Mail; Kitchen Basics – Scale (Cream), Bakeware, Bowls, Shelf (White),  Cookie Jars (Pink) &  Cutting Board RARE; Rotary Phone – Pink
Floorplan: poster mural / adventure,
Second Spaces: Command Center – wedgewood @ Epiphany, Kitchen Collection – wall rack RARE, Seasoning, drying rack, napkins & towels
Cheeky Pea: Homemade Picture Frames Light
[ free bird ]: Strangers and Friends Canvas & To The Sun Canvas
T-3D Creations: Strings Star

Ok i got 2 vids of Brian Justin Crum covering Radiohead’s song Creep, I love both of these videos but personally i prefer the first one, where you can see the whole performance, but you can chose which to watch xD


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