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A single Rose means a lot…

The beginning of 2017 should have had a really nice post, but my first days of 2017 weren’t that lovely and enjoyable.
We had lost many cats in just a week you could say, two died around Jan 2nd, which was a tad harsh as it is, then next 2 days after I had another 2 killed by dogs, the day after dog attacked 1 again which she manage to get away but ended up dying next day anyways plus a kitten I been trying hard to help survive also died. Turned out was my neighbor’s dogs who came and killed my kitties, they wouldn’t attack my cats, my cats are big so they stay away from them, but they did attack the little ones who I finally decided to let go outside that week since they are old enough to play outside. I felt guilty for even leaving them out… but they are cats they want to go out… can’t stop that…

My heart was broken for an entire week, it was 4 days I was crying straight, I couldn’t even sleep cuz the face of the last attacked one kept haunting me. I was feeding her water and food and she would look at me so sweetly and purr, she didn’t seem that she would die, so imagine my shock when i went to feed her at 2 am to find her dead.

I didn’t feel like doing any posts at all until a bit ago… hence i went and took a pic to blog.




Haru’s outfit:
Hair: Doe: Tera ~ Browns HUD @ The Gacha Guardian
Skintone Head & Body: Glam Affair – Catwa  Lia Jamaica 02 & Jamaica
Outfit: Addams // Trina Neck Jump Suit // Beige
Shoes: Addams // Guillermina Laced Shoes // Black
Bracelet: [atooly] madelyn bracelets


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