Wardrobe of Myst

Not every battle is bloody…

After the trip, everyone was tired, it took so long to unload everything we gotten our hands on YET, and I repeat YET Candy and Carri decided to go for another battle… this time they took it inside. Kitty and Aaron went to bed while I was eating watching them battle it out without a single drop of blood~

Finally Home

Some battles don't require blood

Viking Living Room Set New! @ The Gacha Garden
Viking Bench RARE , Viking Armchair RARE , Viking Chess (SOI), Viking Low Table 1, Viking Low Table 2, Viking Little Table, Viking Plant Pot 1, Viking Plant Pot 2, Viking Frame 1, Viking Frame 2, Viking Rug, Viking Cushions (gacha) & Candle & Skulls (gift)
[DDD] Aging Skull Pile – OUAN Hunt Gift
22769 – Skull Table
Mushilu – Sigfrida gacha Shield RARE red & Sigfrida gacha Sword red @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
*Sweet Lies* Medieval Food Sausage & Cheese – 7, Medieval Food Drinks – 10 RARE, Medieval Food Meat –  4 & Medieval Food Bread & Honey – 3
uK – Odin’s Hall Long House RARE
*AF* Gazebo 2 – Fireplace RARE
.aisling. Candles /Natural/
8f8 – New Beginnings – Cauldron
Fur rug cow (sis’ made? lol)

(currently one of my favo songs atm lol)


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