About Haru

Haruka Catteneo has been in Second Life since 28th of May 2007.

Am the type of person that is a complete narcissist and:
Shop-aholic, shoe-aholic, hair-aholic, gacha-holic and dorka-holic. Am 101% a weirdo and proud, am introverted until comfortable. Ahhh I am a happy dork, and as RL mom would say, I got a happy personality with too much poison…. lol

There is nothing more amusing, pleasing and rewarding than dressing up my avatar, it can take up to 3 hours to do a look am 100% happy with which I don’t regret or move stuff around decorating to my hearts content… it can take up to days to have 1 room almost done yet not finished (blushes). My plans are simple, it’s all about sharing my little enjoyment that is called “My Second Life, My World” with others out there, who knows there might be someone who gets inspired or actually find an item they been meaning to look for. I would say “My Imagination” as well, but, well, I can’t create sadly lol.

Am not a hardcore blogger like many out there, I admire their dedication to blogging more than once daily. I blog for the fun of it, it already takes me so long to prepare for a picture… I really cannot imagine how some people can do multiple blogposts a day lol “waves her white flag”. Besides, I like dedicating myself to every little detail i pour into a picture, as my sis often says “Sis, use your hawk eyes and check details before we enter ultra mode (giggles)”. Even after checking everything is fine I take over 10 pictures for just 1 shot, and if they all fail, I just tab to inworld where everything is STILL in place for in case none are ok. For as weird as it sounds, I am passionate with everything I do, am even too obsessive with my own avatar, not to mention perfectionist (hides), maybe it does not look like it but I am lol.

If you have any question concerning an item I’m wearing and I didn’t credit it nor can’t be found on my page, don’t hesitate on contacting me inWorld or leaving me an offline message.

Thank you ~ Haruka Catteneo aka Mysteriah  ❤


(ps. Pose made by my dear friend Kael)


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