About Haru

Haruka Catteneo has rezzed in Second Life on the 28th of May 2007.

Am the type of person that is a complete narcissist and:
Shop-aholic, shoe-aholic, hair-aholic, gacha-holic, dorka-holic. Am a weirdo and proud, also introverted until comfortable. Ahhh am a happy dork, as mom would say, I got a happy personality with too much poison…. lol

There is nothing more amusing, pleasing and rewarding than dressing up my avatar, it can take up to 3 hours to do a look am 100% happy with which I don’t regret. My plans are simple, it’s about sharing my lil enjoyment that is called dressing up and shopping through blogging. Am not a hardcore blogger, I blog for the fun of it.

If you have any question concerning an item I’m wearing and I didn’t credit it nor can’t be found on my page, don’t hesitate on contacting me inWorld or leaving me an offline message.

Thank you ~ Haruka Catteneo aka Mysteriah  ❤


(ps. Pose made by my dear friend Kael)

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