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Caught gossiping~

No matter if you are around or not, your friends always would keep you updated on what ever is going on around you and the people you know. Only issue can be if the source of gossiping actually catches you gossiping a little too soon ūüėõ



Details on Haru:
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Sloane Mesh Hair РB&W
Skin: {S0NG} Akira Skin / Pale Tone РCatwa Applier with Omega Body @ District 20
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Yuna // Pale Green Eye
Bindi: CURELESS [+] Moonlight Jewels (group gift)
Choker: .::Supernatural::. Joy Pink @ The Kawaii Project
Kimono:¬†#1“mignon.” -Kawaii mini kimono.[Maitreya exp] RARE @ Kurenai
Nails: [CX] Biomech Claws (past timed group gift)
Geta:¬†#2“mignon.” -Kawaii overknee geta.[Maitreya exp] RARE @ Kurenai

Pic 1: *{( konpeitou )}* whisper L
Pic 2:¬†Serendipity: sweet memories… pose 2

{moss&mink}¬†Winter Delights ‚Äď Kotatsu Table ‚Äď Princess RARE, Dango ‚Äď White,¬†Macha tea ‚Äď White, Teapot ‚Äď White &¬† Mochi ‚Äď White @¬†The Arcade
Yokai¬†‚Äď Snowflake – Puppy w garland (gray), Puppy w candy (black), Puppy with a sign (gray) @¬†The Imaginarium
8f8¬†‚Äď Once Broken and Forgotten ‚Äď Vacant RARE,¬†The Handsome,¬†Follow Me,¬†Light My Way,¬†Starry Night
[^.^Ayashi^.^] Yuikine Doll RARE & Yuimi Doll RARE @ The Imaginarium
+Half-Deer+¬†+Half Deer + ‚Äď Beep Tamago Sushi and Strawberry@¬†The Arcade
+Half-Deer+ Fauxidermy Jewelry Holder & Keeper of Trinkets RARE
-tres blah- Salad Days – Ruffled Clutch
BALACLAVA!! Books [vertical A] & Books [horizontal A]

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“How is it that one can wait endlessly and yet not mind at all if they are kept waiting eternally?”

Waiting 2

omg… after enlarging it I realize i did not alpha my belly “hides in shame”Waiting

Fun Fact: I realized in SL I can go minutes and minutes to hours and hours and hours waiting on someone, stuffs or events.  If am told I will be on later I would actually stay logged in until that person shows up. Events I enjoy I would wait until it opens to try  and figh with a HUD to get into them, same with stuff, If I see a WIP I would wait patiently until its released to get my hands on them.
Contrary to me in RL I HATE waiting, no matter what it is or who it is. If am told “I’ll be there at 6” and at 6 they aren’t here I start pacing, 15 min I would just undress and don’t go anywhere else. Events? Heck I don’t do crowds… AT ALL and stuff? I could care less… LOL

Details on look:
Hair: Doe: Esther ~ Monotone HUD NEW! @ N21
Eyes: -SU!- Spectrum Eyes BLIND
Accessory: *{( konpeitou )}* kuti-musubi NEW! @ The Stage 02 : Mysterious Forest
Top: BE {Good Golly Miss Molly} Top 5 @ The Chapter Four
Skirt:  BE {Good Golly Miss Molly} Skirt 5 @ The Chapter Four

Pose pic 1: IE РWall to Wall V2 pose 8
Pose pic 2: IE Graceful Elegance 1 pose 6m

Location: Homeward Bound (mom still decorating ^^)


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~Cute & Deadly~

From the moment we started to dress up I already had an image in my head I wanted to do pic about, turns out Kitty was thinking the same thing I was lol… I have to confess, I went ballistic on the hair accessories…. “facepaws” I want to collect all the pieces! AND I will do it! unless my name isn’t Haru no more! I wanted to be cute yet deadly, but having the sword alone does not make it, so yes I got myself some additional items too! At first we were just gonna do a random pose but playing around with poses we ended up using these \o/!
A BIG BIG BIG THANK YOU! to Kikutsuru (Miehina Resident) for opening and allowing us to rez our poses on the sim Kyoto Kagai – Hanafusa Okiya! I fell in love the instance I landed on her sim! Sent Kitty the LM to check it out and also fell in love instantly! Please do pay the sim a visit! It is worth it ūüôā


Duel 3

Duel in the Rain

PicMonkey Image

Haru’s Details:
Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Kichi hair-White set
Hair Accessory 1:¬†.:*:. Kotolier .:*:. HairACC “HIGANBANA” 008 @¬†Okinawa Summer Festival’17
Hair Accessory 2: .:*:. Kotolier .:*:.¬†HairACC “SUIREN” 02 @¬†Okinawa Summer Festival’17
Hair Accessory 3: *{( konpeitou )}* TCH gift * black lady ornamental @ The Crystal Heart Festival Р2017
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Crystal Eyes // Blue @ The Crystal Heart Festival Р2017
Lashes:  (Enfer Sombre*) Catwa Lashes applier РMagical @ The Crystal Heart Festival Р2017
Make Up:¬†NEO** : Puringcle Party+ Catwa HUD -HeartS2 @¬†Okinawa Summer Festival’17
Lipstick:  (Enfer Sombre*) Gabrielle Lipstick GIFT{The Crystal Heart} @ The Crystal Heart Festival Р2017
Choker: .Quirky. РMagical Girl Star Choker @ The Crystal Heart Festival Р2017
Dress:¬†Hazy. Natsumi Look. outfit. S 12 @¬†Okinawa Summer Festival’17
Katana: Hazy. Natsumi Look. Katana 4¬†@¬†Okinawa Summer Festival’17
Knee Bruises: [flit ink] (mp) Scavenger Knees w/ Mesh Appliers
Tabi: *{( konpeitou )}* Tabi -prince- white
Clogs: *{( konpeitou )}* GIFT*carved camellia-clogs

Kitty’s Details:
Hair: Doe: Hanna (twotone) РMonotone
Mask: =Zenith= Xue Nu Mask (Sea) @ The Crystal Heart Festival Р2017
Bindi: CURELESS [+] Moonlight Jewels / GROUPGIFT
Piercing: ^^Swallow^^ Supreme Gold and White Diamond 01 RARE
Eyes: {S0NG}  :: Heathen Eyes **Gift**
Make Up:¬†NEO** : Puringcle Party+ Catwa HUD -HeartS¬†@¬†Okinawa Summer Festival’17
Lipstick: (Enfer Sombre*)  Gabrielle Lipstick GIFT {The Crystal Heart} @ The Crystal Heart Festival Р2017
Dress: Hazy. Natsumi Look. outfit. S 13¬†@¬†Okinawa Summer Festival’17
Katana: Hazy. Natsumi Look. Katana 2¬†@¬†Okinawa Summer Festival’17
Geta: NYU РGeta w/ High-Knee Tabi, WhiteNo2 (Maitreya)

(Haru) *FN* (mp) Fantasy Ninja Pose
(Kitty)  .::IDK::. Butterflies #04

Location: Kyoto Kagai – Hanafusa Okiya

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Saved by the Moon

Many of you know that I am a huge Sailor Moon fan. I had such a hard time trying to get into “The Crystal Heart Festival” event… I really was on the verge of tears… In the end I did manage to get in but was way to laggy so I only grabbed a few items… Fun fact, the one Am wearing was grabbed by my friend, she was faster then me “laughs” I simply love all the creators’ hard work for this event. Anyhow, I made my look after “Diana” Small Lady’s kitten & name of my cute hair.

HaruSaved by the moon 2

KittyHolding onto a star

Holding onto a Star & Saved by the Moon

Details on Haru:
Hair: Doe: Diana ~ Pastel HUD (Gacha Item) NEW! @ Crystal Heart Festival 
Bindi: .Olive. the Heart Gem Moon Bindi
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Crystal Eyes // Blue @ Crystal Heart Festival 
Tears: CURELESS [+] Dragon Tears (v.1)
Make up: +abigailia+ Shimmer Lights
Earrings & Ring: pr!tty РYoomi + Earrings Р{Gift!} @ Crystal Heart Festival 
Heart: \//.VoluptasVirtualis РShattered Heart {GIFT}@ Crystal Heart Festival 
Wand:¬†Violent Seduction – The Queen’s Wand (white) @ Crystal Heart Festival¬†
Outfit: 12[Cubic Cherry] {Magical Girl} body white @ Crystal Heart Festival 
Socks: 22[Cubic Cherry] {Magical Girl} socks white @ Crystal Heart Festival 

Details on Kitty:
Hair: Doe: Samora (twotone) ~ Monotone HUD
Bindi: CURELESS [+]  Moonlight Jewels / GROUPGIFT
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Crystal~ Dark Blue Eye @ Crystal Heart Festival 
Shades: *Tentacio* Plastic girl Glasses pink
Bracelets: MINIMAL РMonica Bracelet
Tattoo: Stardust РLuna & Ami White Tattoo
Outfit: 08[Cubic Cherry] {Magical Girl} body babyblue @ Crystal Heart Festival 
Socks: 18[Cubic Cherry] {Magical Girl} socks babyblue @ Crystal Heart Festival 

Poses:  CW Poses РCharming (Haru) & Le Poppycock *Over the Moon* Magic Night (Kitty)

8f8:¬†Dreamer’s Cloudland Collection using The Moon & The Stars &¬†Home Cloud
Mello: Star Clusters

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Kitties ~

Its no secret that me and my bestie love cats… we always have a bunch of things cat related… and what could be more perfect that a kitty hair? xD… i didnt need any kitty ears cuz the hair already has the form! its so adorable! ¬†‚̧ Two kittens enjoying a lazy day ūüôā




Hair:  Doe: Junko Pigtails РMonotone
Hairband: *Tentacio* Headpiece for everyday Tuesday white
Earrings: SPELLHalf-Moon Earring
Eyes: [Buzz] Chromatic Eyes РPure
Piercing: ^^Swallow^^ Supreme Gold and White Diamond 01 Р02- 03 Р04 RARE {Creator} [nose]
Dress: AMITOMO / Highfive GACHA / 1 /
Ring: SPELL : Leaves Ring

Hair: Doe: Kat (solid) –¬†Monotone HUD
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Yuna~ Pale Green Eye
Piercing 1: PUNCH / Double Chain
Piercing 2: PUNCH / Heart Nose Stud
Collar: Kibitz РZoey Collar РOnyx (transparent)
Top: LAZYBONES РCelena Tank (no bra) РLilac РMaitreya
Bracelet:  [atooly] madelyn mint kitten bracelet .black.
Stocking: REIGN.– Kitty Stockings (Maitreya-High) {Creator} [R foot]