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Its no secret that me and my bestie love cats… we always have a bunch of things cat related… and what could be more perfect that a kitty hair? xD… i didnt need any kitty ears cuz the hair already has the form! its so adorable!  ❤ Two kittens enjoying a lazy day 🙂




Hair:  Doe: Junko Pigtails – Monotone
Hairband: *Tentacio* Headpiece for everyday Tuesday white
Earrings: SPELLHalf-Moon Earring
Eyes: [Buzz] Chromatic Eyes – Pure
Piercing: ^^Swallow^^ Supreme Gold and White Diamond 01 – 02- 03 – 04 RARE {Creator} [nose]
Dress: AMITOMO / Highfive GACHA / 1 /
Ring: SPELL : Leaves Ring

Hair: Doe: Kat (solid) – Monotone HUD
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Yuna~ Pale Green Eye
Piercing 1: PUNCH / Double Chain
Piercing 2: PUNCH / Heart Nose Stud
Collar: Kibitz – Zoey Collar – Onyx (transparent)
Top: LAZYBONES – Celena Tank (no bra) – Lilac – Maitreya
Bracelet:  [atooly] madelyn mint kitten bracelet .black.
Stocking: REIGN.– Kitty Stockings (Maitreya-High) {Creator} [R foot]

There are times when we can easily fall asleep depending on the surrounding. Nature sound is my favorite music when am not actually listening to music. Many times am caught just staring outside the rare times am not behind my screen. Mom then often says that its gonna storm or that it’s gonna rain hard since am not locked in my room lol



Details Haru:
Hair: Doe: Opal Monotone HUD
Collar: {Scene} Kitten Choker
Necklace: **RE** Lumis Cats Necklace
Bra: #21 Blueberry – Mykonos / COMMON / Bra – Maitreya – White was @ The Arcade
Robe: #3 Blueberry – Mykonos / Satin Robe – Maitreya – White RARE was @ The Arcade
Panties: #15 Blueberry – Mykonos / COMMON / Panties – Maitreya – White was @ The Arcade
Armlets: #16 Blueberry – Mykonos / COMMON / Armlorals – Maitreya – White was @ The Arcade
Watch:**RE** LUX Kitty Watch
Boots: #6 Blueberry – Mykonos / Boots – Maitreya – White RARE was @ The Arcade
Tattoo: [White~Widow] Shallows – Black – RARE

Details Kitty:
Hair: Exile::Hot was @ The Arcade
Crown: Astralia – Kawaii princess crown RARE
Glasses: Tableau Vivant \\ My Day // SunShades was @ The Arcade
Nose piercings: ^^Swallow^^ Supreme Gold and White Diamond 01 RARE, 02 RARE, 03 RARE & 04 RARE was @ The Arcade
Choker: {Imeka} Heart Choker was  =@ The Arcade
Bra: #17 Blueberry – Mykonos / COMMON / Bra – Maitreya – Black was @ The Arcade
Robe: #1 Blueberry – Mykonos / Satin Robe – Maitreya – Black RARE was @ The Arcade
Panties: #11 Blueberry – Mykonos / COMMON / Panties – Maitreya – Black was @ The Arcade
Armlets: #16 Blueberry – Mykonos / COMMON / Armlorals – Maitreya – Black was @ The Arcade
Bracelets: .ET. L’odeur du cuir Bracelet Black
Nails: Meva Fantasy Nails Maitreya
Boots: #4 Blueberry – Mykonos / Boots – Maitreya – Black RARE was @ The Arcade
Tattoo: [White~Widow] Charade – Henna – RARE

Pose: Diesel Works – Erotique8

tarte. tiny retreat RARE was @ The Arcade
tarte. lighted terrarium (silver) was @ The Arcade
tarte. hanging sofa RARE was @ The Arcade
tarte. hanging planter (clay) &  hanging planter (cement) was @ The Arcade
Sway’s [Peacock] Chair . fuchsia RARE was @ The Arcade
Sway’s [Peacock] Candlestick was @ The Arcade
{anc} miniature/H. swan {cloud}
{anc} happyendpark. lawn carpet (S) & happyendpark. lawn carpet (L)
DRD MM2 Lamp big
dust bunny . melted candle
-Pixicat- Bastet.Sphynx (Sit)
[ContraptioN] Gramophone: Balthezar *blue* was @ The Arcade
9, [[RH]] -IZAYOI- PLANT (Red) was @ The Arcade
24, [[RH]] -IZAYOI- WOOD TABLE  was @ The Arcade
[ WoO ] Rufous-Bellied Tit – Sitting (T) was @ The Arcade
[ WoO ] Fire-capped Tit – Sitting (T) was @ The Arcade
.random.Matter. – Hartley Deer Candle – Rose [White] [L]
MadPea Little Shop of Nightmares – Mr. Pickles was @ The Arcade
MadPea Little Shop of Nightmares – Flesh Eater Junior was @ The Arcade
Astralia – Don’t grow up (hanging fort) pink was @ The Arcade

With our without clothes… water here we come! Sometimes the most fun and enjoying moment one experiences is doing thing unexpected. Like what we are doing, jumping into the water fully clothed. Most of the time we are doing stuff “normal people” consider weird, strange or stupid, but what makes one think that what others do are labeled that way? We dare to be different, that is what matters to us, we dont follow the crowd like sheeps lol 😛

Hop hop into the water- 

Close up

lets go

Details on Haru:
Hair: Doe: Cassandra ~ Monotone HUD
Necklace: +Half-Deer+ Purrfect Patisserie – Cat Strawberry Necklace
Top: paper.arrow gym.tee.gacha ocean [m.lara]
Shorts: paper.arrow gym.shorts.gacha ocean [m.lara]

Details on Kitty:
Hair: ::Bold & Beauty:: Hair :: Kelsey.
Headband: pr!tty – {Kitty Headband} -Spring-
Necklace: *AvaWay* KITTEN_Necklace_GOLD
Top: paper.arrow gym.tee.gacha fuschia/teal [m.lara]
Shorts: paper.arrow gym.shorts.gacha fuschia [m.lara]
Sandals: fri. – Dinah.Sandals (Sierra) – Maitreya

{what next} Garden Picnic Bench (boxed)
 [P] Pillows, Summer Days: 7. Picnic Box
8f8 – little lines – Pavillion, – little lines – Lamp & Our Secret Hideout (set in the back)
{anc} flottante puppy. milk (BOX
[we’re CLOSED] grass fields spring
[ Organica ] Cosmos Flowers (Deep Red) (mines are from fatpack)
HPMD* Fallen Tree – Flowers (Mesh) & HPMD* Garden Tree06 – brown
*alirium* Hermit [Crimson], Banshee : green DwarfForest [DarkGreen]
Stockholm&Lima: Pool Dino (Theirs), Dool Dino (Hers) & Pool Swan (His)
Old Wooden Bridge from Studio Skye


Tittle for this post has 2 meaning, first one; for the bubbles on the piccies and second one; for we both have that in our personality. It is odd to find someone who is soooo far away yet so similar to you. This is 1 of the many many things me and my friend here have in common. When you find these type of ppl, keep them in your pocket ^-^

Bubbly girls

1 bubble

2 bubble

Haru’s outfit:
Hair: Doe: Carol (TwoTone) – Colors @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Lolita Eyes // Sky-Brown Eye RARE
Piercing: PUNCH / Star Tear
Nose ring 1: PUNCH / Heart Nose Stud
Nose ring 2: PUNCH / Spiral Septum Swirl
Earring: EF: Cupric Earrings
Necklace: EF: Cupric Necklace
Top: .epoch. ambi top / black
Shorts: .epoch. ambi shorts / black
Watch & Bracelet: **RE** LUX Kitty Watch
Rings: Izzie’s – Celestial Midi Rings (black silver)
Tattoo: Awear dragonflies take flight colors boxed *
Knees Add on: #EMPIRE – Alyssum Addon – Maitreya RARE
Shoes: #EMPIRE – Yarrow – Midnight Madness – Pink

Kitty’s outfit:
Hair: Doe: Chlo (twotone) – Pastels @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Hair band: Belle Epoque { Cute Gang } Headbow Sky
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Lolita~ Ocean Eye
Nose piercing: (Yummy) Luxury Septum’s – Rococo Septum
Earrings: *AvaWay* KITTEN_Earring_GOLD
Necklace 1: *AvaWay* KITTEN_Necklace_GOLD
Necklace 2: Amala – The Crystal Choker – Heart – Gold
Necklace 3:**RE** LUX Celeste Necklace
Bikini: Birdy – Boho – Bikini – Aqua
Nails: FDD Nails Maitreya Fitted Mesh *PrettyDoll*Candy/G
Shoes: {Livalle} Revelry -Platform Heels-LightBlue Leather (Maitreya)

“Let’s go beaching!” is what I saw on Lena’s face when she got all dressed up for it. I usually don’t go to the beach as much as I used too, however here I am xD. Did you think we did a good try on looking Caribbean-ish? Personally am from the Caribbean, but this was the hardest thing to recreate for me lol

me and lena at the beach 2

me and lena at the beach 4

me and lena at the beach

me and lena at the beach 3

Myst’s look details:
Hair: no.match_ ~ NO_MANHATTAN ~ Pack of BROWNS @ Hair Fair July 2016
Head: CATWA HEAD Jessica v4.8
Head applier: Glam Affair – Catwa Applier – Gabriela – Jamaica 03 RARE // Gacha Guardians Event
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Lyn // Blue Eye
Ears: ^^Swallow^^ Shiny Ears @ Shiny Shabby
Tattoo: [White~Widow] Shallows – Black – RARE
Face piercings: PUNCH / Basic Lip Piercings II // Lune / Nose Piercing // Starlet Septum
Sunshades: Izzie’s – Miami Neon Sunglasses coral
Necklace & Bracelets: Izzie’s – Full Set Cowrie Shell Jewelry @ The Season Story
Arm bracers: **RE** Surya ArmCuff – Common – Gold @ Epiphany
Rings: **RE**Surya Rings Maitreya – RARE @ Epiphany
Nails: FDD Nails Maitreya Fitted Mesh *PrettyDoll*Sky/G
Bikini: **RE** Surya Swimsuit – Black – Common @ Epiphany
Dress: **RE** Surya Tank Dress – RARE @ Epiphany
Sandals: REIGN.– BREEZE SANDALS (unpacked)
Bag: =Zenith=Summer Yoga Bag (Unrigged) – RARE
Radio on ground: ::Axix:: RadioGirl Radio Crazy @ Epiphany

Lena’s look details:
Hair: Besom~ Ruby Said
Head: CATWA HEAD Jessica v4.8
Head applier: Glam Affair – Catwa Applier – Aurore – Jamaica 02
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Nell~ Brown Eyes
Tattoo:[White~Widow] Charade – Henna – RARE
Face piercing: (Yummy) Luxury Septum’s – Rococo Septum
Sunshades: Ama. : Kitty Glasses : SL13B Pink
Earrings: .aisling. Karishma Earrings {Gold]
Necklace 1: .aisling. Karishma Long Necklace {Gold]
Necklace 2: [Tia] JOIA – Astapor Collar – Gold
Arm bracers: Birdy – Boho – Arm Chains
Nails: FDD NAILS *Black French* Maitreya fitted
Top:  Luas Summer Vibes Skirt Maitreya Red
Skirt: Luas Summer Vibes Top Maitreya Tile
Flops: ..::ILLI::.. Meriel Maitreya Flip Flops (L&R)
Bag: =Zenith=Summer Yoga Bag (Unrigged) – RARE

Pose: MP linkage *Ellette* Friends Pose ~Dollarbie~

Location:  *Baja Sands*