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I been on a adventure stroll lately and i dont regret it. Me and Pain been exploring and doing our PaleoQuest… i still pout because, i cant get the ride-able dino, so many times i did the quests… i dont deny, i enjoy the quests… i end up going to bed at like 2 or 3 am just doing the quests. It is one of the places Pain introduced me too and man i recommend everyone to try it… its been going on for a while, its a sim set by linden labs. I would talk more about PaleoQuest later on in another post, for now, back to the picture theme.

We (me and Helena) saw a lovely picture on Flickr with the location set, so while i was fighting in Epiphany Helena went and grabbed a landmark to it, we found out it was Ironwood Hills sim, and omg, i love the place~ i had fun walking around running into zombies and into goats that sound from afar. I was running all around so Pain had no other option but to pick me up and drag me around 😛 not that i didnt mind ofcourse. I walked all over the place, and i really loved how they did this bank? not sure how u guys would call it, the trees in the water as you see dead bodies all over, was just perfect in my opinion. I didnt really touch the pics that much, only added a little bit of blur to de-edge it a bit cuz well my video card that was in a coma for a year decided to wake up AND is dying on me “cries”

Me & Pain

Me & Pain 2

Me & Pain 3

Me & Pain 4

Me & Pain 5

Me & Pain 6

Me & Pain 7

Me & Pain 9

Haru is wearing:

Pet: MishMish – Grim Reaper Companion (soul) [BOXED] @ Collabor88
Hair: Tableau Vivant \\  Burtonette – Blacks+Whites (unpacked) @ Collabor88
Head: Lelutka Mesh Head-KARIN
Make up: Glam Affair ( Lelutka Heads ) Dia De Los Muertos 04 @ Collabor88
Jewel: Le Morte – Mystic Jewel
Collar: Le Morte – Lock3d Faith – Black
Necklace: Le Morte – Taint3d Love – Black
Outfit: *katat0nik* (blackwhite) Beetle J Outfit for Slink & Maitreya @ Collabor88
Bracelets: {Scene} Death Grip w/Power HUD
Knee guards: .DirtyStories. Skeleton Knee Guards
Shoes: SHEY Strap Q Stilettos

Pain is wearing:

Pet: MishMish – Grim Reaper Companion (time) [BOXED] @ Collabor88
Hair:  *Dura-Boy*62 (Wood Bark)-WB
Skin: +Nuuna+ The Creep Male Skin
Vest:  [[NS]] Men’s Forsaken Striped Suit Coat w/ Tie (Charcoal)
Gloves: ::GB:: Studded Gloves / Black
Pants:  [[NS]] Men’s Death Leather Harness Block Pants (Charcoal)
Location: Ironwood Hills sim

Poses: . Infiniti . pics 1-4 – No More! – & pics 5-8 – Clarity – Couples Pose

Sometimes people ask me, who is your role model? If I have to name one, RL wise would be both my moms, My birth-mom and My second-mom and Myself, SL wise, that would be Myself!

RL wise: Now why both moms? There is no exact reason as to why i see them as role models, it simply is, the way they interact, the way love, the way they care, the way they sacrifice, the way they cry, the way they worry, and the list goes on and on… there are so many things i admire from both of them that it can become overwhelming. Why Myself? For the fact that I adore and love myself, i dont need to be like others, I love being me, in reality, I am an Introverted person, granted i can be social if it is needed, but i prefer my alone time more then anything, down side is that i am naturally hyper active, so when i am being social cuz it is needed i tend to be called an Extrovert lol.

SL wise: Why myself? Just like I stated on the RL wise, i LOVE being ME! I for one dont separate SL with RL, the person you meet in SL is the person I am in RL, i never saw a point in being someone else while you can be yourself, then again that is my own love for myself speaking 😛 There is nothing more satisfying for me as to perv myself and go “Gosh I look so adorable today” Sometimes i even think that its weird the way i am but then again, I am a weird person so there is nothing weird on that. For me, I matter the most in both world no matter what, If i like it on me I will brag about it all the time, i guess its common when someone brags about someone or something they love “chuckles”.

The Runaway Show 1

The Runaway Show 2

The Runaway show off

  The Runaway Show 3

The Runaway Show 4

Close up on my itemsCollage

Haru is wearing:

Halo: 13{Sekai} halo A .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. @ The Gathering 2015
Staff: 01{Sekai} staff gold  .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::.  RARE @ The Gathering 2015
Hair: *Besom~ India *Gothics*
Headpiece 1: Noodles – Gabi Halo ULTRA RARE @ The Gathering 2015
Headpiece 2: .Charm. Skye Headpiece // Gold // RARE @ The Gathering 2015
Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes – Nymph
Eyelashes: //LovelyAlien//StarryEyelashes (mp link)
Eye shadows: [PF] Doll V2 <Vamp> – Eyeshadow (Purple) comes with Skin
Lip gloss: [PF] Doll V2 <Vamp> – Thin Gloss (Purple) comes with skin
Teeth: .Pekka. Teeth + Pout mouth shading tintable
Skin: [PF] <Vamp> – Doll V2
Tattoo: [White~Widow] Focus – Black
Ears: Mandala Unisex Pierced Elf Ears Ver1
Collar: 08{Sekai} collar E .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. @ The Gathering 2015
Harness: .Charm. Skye Harnesses // Gold // Common @ The Gathering 2015
Armlets: .Charm. Skye Armlets // Gold // Common @ The Gathering 2015
Bracelets: 10{Sekai}bracialets A .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. @ The Gathering 2015
Claws: Kibitz – Marlee claws – copper – common
Bra & Panties: erratic / beth – bikini / black (maitreya)
Jacket: ISON – occult jacket (black)
Belt: .Charm. Skye Belt // Gold // Common @ The Gathering 2015
Thigh: Noodles – Naara Thigh Chain Gold
Feet wraps: *PROMAGIC* Slink High Bands ~ wearing Gold (mp link)
Poses and prop: IE – The Runway (b) @ Rock your Rack 2015


I was listening to Amazerashi songs on youtube and i was fiddeling with Haru as a song played that totally made me feel so warm and fuzzy, wanting to cry also so i went ahead and searched for the translated lyrics. Here you go ^-^

Amazarashi 『無題』

On the first floor of a wood apartment,
he drew, completely engrossed in painting
What he’d wanted to paint was his own self,
a world that would surround and capture him
Ever since he was little, he liked drawing
That was because everyone praised him for it
But now, the only one who praises him
is his girlfriend living with him

But that was all he needed to be happy
Each day, they happened to miss each other
but she always left him letters
on sakura-patterned stationery; those were dear to him
Before they knew it, the night had ended
Before they knew it, the sun had set
Before they knew it, winter had reached its end
That day, for the first time, his art sold

By then, their circumstances had begun to constantly change
The next month, all his paintings sold
And what kept on changing was always the scenery…
Everyone praised his paintings
And she happily told him this:
“I was right to have believed…”

Sometimes, he received thank-you letters
from the people who bought his art
He had no memory of ever being thanked,
but it didn’t feel strange, either
The small room began to fill bit by bit
with treasures, which made him happy
And he thought to himself how wonderful it’d be
if things could stay like this forever…

He gradually began to like drawing more and more
He wanted to create even grander paintings
What he wanted to paint was his own self,
to paint an even closer truth
He finished his greatest masterpiece
Even she smiled and said, “It’s wonderful”
It was a painting of the true miserable nature of humans,
one that would make anyone turn their eyes away…

Everyone knitted their eyebrows in disgust at his painting
Retreating like the water’s tide, each and every one person left
And what kept on changing was always the scenery…
The people all ridiculed him, calling him incompetent
Their fights increasing, the two of them eventually broke up
Was I wrong to have believed…?

On the first floor of a wood apartment,
he continues to draw, even now
What I’d wanted to paint was my own self,
what turned out to be an empty shell of my own self…
I’ve liked drawing ever since I was little
Now, I don’t even know why anymore
There’s no one left who’ll praise me
There’s no more names I can give to these piles of paintings

How many months, years have passed without me realizing?
That day, for the first time in a while, a single painting of mine sold
And what kept on changing was always the scenery…
From that buyer came a letter
Just a few words written on sakura-patterned stationery
“I was right to have believed in you…”


Haru is wearing:

Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Gloomy – Blacks+Whites @ The Fantasy Collective

Jewel: Le Morte – Mystic Jewel

Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes – Nymph

Eyelashes: //LovelyAlien//StarryEyelashes

Eyeshadows: [PF] <Vamp> – Doll V2

Mouth: [[ CR ]]Nyam Nyam

Lipstick: .random.Matter. – Silka – Nyam Nyam v2 ~ Void

Collar: **RE** Raven Collar – Heart @ Cosmopolitan Event

Bras: erratic / delice lingerie – bra / black

Panties: erratic / delice lingerie – suspender+thong / black

Dress: {le fil casse} domina leather dress noire @ The Fantasy Collective

Tattoos: [White~Widow] Focus – Black

Rings: **{FORMANAILS}**Accessoires – CASUAL Slink – UNISEX black

Shoes: REIGN.- Deadly Pumps- Black @ The Fantasy Collective

Pose: IE – Sheer Class V2 (b) using pose 8m @ Rock Your Rack 2015

 “walks in circles on her porch, her stomach grumbling angrily, takes a look at her watch, crosses her arms as she tabs her elbow with her finger, stomps the wooden floor and keeps walking in circles”

Haru is hungry and is getting inpatient as she waits on the chinese man with her food!waiting for chinese man with my food

Most of you know i hate editing, so yes adding myself together took me so long x.x i rather be snapping around then editing lol, and weird topic eh? i KNOW… but i was HUNGRY! lol that day and today aswell lol, here are my stuff:

Haru is wearing:

Hair: Exile::Counting Stars Wildcards @ Exile::

Top: {dollle*} 106 Knot Front & Back Crop Tank – Black by {dollle*} @ Thrift Shop

Bracelets: Obscure – Bushido Bracelet – Black @ .>.Obscure.<. (ps i have no clue where i grabbed this from lol)

Tattoo: PMS – Henna Crazed Tattoo by PMS @ Thrift Shop

Jeans: Blueberry – Xale – Mesh Skinny Jeans – Black @ Blueberry

Shoes: R.icielli – ZELMA High Heels for Slink &TMP Feet Fatpack @ R.icielli’s MP link

Poses used: IE – Sashay (b), 1m, 3 and 2m @ Image Essentials


SO… like i bribed my friend into wearing same outfit as me a couple of nights ago and I won!… you dont wanna know what i gotta do… its fun either way for me xD… ANYWAYS! here is to the fake sisters! Am sure you are wondering, why fake? well, after you see the pictures, dont you agree, we cant be sisters? Lol, presenting FGC items ❤

Monkey and Me in dancers clothes


I am wearing:

Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Myst hair – Blacks+Whites @ ~Tableau Vivant~

Tiara & Earrings: .:a:. Dangara -Tiara&Earrings- RARE @ FGC, February 2015

Collar & Necklace: .:a:. Dangara -Collar&Necklace- RARE @ FGC, February 2015

Bra & Veil: .:a:. Dangara – Onyx – Bra&Veil @ FGC, February 2015

Panties & Skirt: .:a:. Dangara – Onyx – Skirt&Panties @ FGC, February 2015

Pose: Maria 01 @ Monarchy, second pic is my ao stand

He is wearing:

Bra & Veil: .:a:. Dangara – Aqua – Bra&Veil @ FGC, February 2015

Panties & Skirt: .:a:. Dangara – Aqua – Skirt&Panties @ FGC, February 2015

Pose: Lexi 01 @ Monarchy