Events I totally dig!

Nowadays, SL is just about events and events and events… Do not get me wrong, I am not complaining it’s just how it is :P. Back then it was about fighting for a camping chair to camp for a specific item and to make sure you are tabbed in SL otherwise you would get kicked from it… now it’s fighting to get into a sim for the just opened event ^^.

Not to mention Seraphim has such an awesome team that keeps everyone updated on what is currently going on (bookmark that link and check it daily :P)

Anyhow here are the ones I go crazy about: (ps links to their website)

Collabor88 → Monthly Event
Enchantment → Quarterly Event (Every 3 months)
Epiphany → Quarterly Event (Every 3 months)
FaMESHed → Monthly Event
Fantasy Faire
Fantasy Gacha Carnival → Quarterly Event (Every 3 months)
Fifty Linden Friday → Every Friday (inworld group // Seraphim)
Hentai Fair
Kustom9 → Monthly Event
N°21 → Monthly Event
Pose Fair (Seraphim)
Romp → Quarterly Event (Every 3 months)
SaNaRea → Monthly Event
Shiny Shabby → Monthly Event
Tag! Gacha (update: not sure if still on)
The Arcade → Quarterly Event (Every 3 months)
The Chapter Four → Monthly Event (Seraphim)
The Fantasy Collective → Every Other Month
The Gacha Garden → Quarterly Event (Every 3 months)
The Liaison Collaborative → Monthly Event
The Season Story → Quarterly Event (Every 3 months)
The Secret Affair → Every Other Month
The Kawaii Project → Monthly Event (Seraphim)
Uber → Monthly Event
We ❤ RolePlay → Monthly Event
Whimsical → Quarterly Event (Every 3 months)