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Midnight Snacks with the group

There are times that you just end up hungry so why not call the group and meet?
Me(Haru), sis (Kitty), Titan, Aaron, Catalyno, Carri & Helen met up at a snack bar 😛

Midnight Snack with the gang

Midnight snack with the gang 3

Midnight snack with the gang 5

Midnight snack with the gang 4

Midnight snack with the gang 2

Midnight snack with the gang 1

Like, Yeah, I donno our details… lol… I do recall am wearing a Doe hair and our outfits are mostly Nyu… hmm decor wise, uK [[RH]]….

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Guys… last hours to run to Romp and grab the awesome collar am wearing *points to neck* by .::Supernatural::. of course! I am a cat lover so this collar just is perfect for me! Meow~ la! xD Today’s pictures are really all done by the windlight and DoF. Only thing done to them is really a bit of frosting for the edges 🙂 Once again, last day for paying Romp a visit to grab last minute things ^~^
(ps. first pic is to show the back of the choker ♥)

Back view

Haru & Kitty


Haru’s Details:
Hair: Doe: Morgan ~ Monotone HUD @ Whimsical
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Yuna // Pale Green Eye
Choker: .::Supernatural::. Nora Choker @ Romp
Dress: .BF. Elaine Dress Lingerie White @ Romp
Bracelet: [atooly] madelyn bracelets fatpack

Kitty’s Details:
Hair: {Limerence} Mary hair
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Bright Eyes
Choker: .::Supernatural::. My Diamonds White [SOI] &  #K charm @ The Gacha Garden
Dress: .BF. Elaine Dress Lingerie White @ Romp
Bracelet: .:PULSE:. Spiky Bracelet

Pic 1: *{( konpeitou )}* kiseru
Pic 2: :: Focus Poses Friends 91 ::
Pic 3: *{( konpeitou )}* walk -R-

LAGOM – Books-n-Java – [Windowlights]#7

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“Laundry Day”

Or it should have been… But I ended up instead posing for pictures…Haru Haru Haru! Like that your chores will NEVER be done! Get to work Ladeh!!!

Lets do laundry...

Lets do laundry...1

Lets do laundry... 2

Lets do laundry...3

Haru’s details:
Hair: Doe: Betty ~ Monotone HUD @ Rewind
Lashes: [POUT!] Lovely Lashes
Choker: .::Supernatural::. Marie Choker Red
Outfit: .::Dead Dollz::. Mae Lingerie Set – Red @ Rewind 
Tattoo: [La Baguette] Heart Blush
Heels: Phedora ~ Claudia heels ~ 28 c @ Rewind

Pin up pose by Aerial , Paper Rabbit: Pose 22 & Paper Rabbit: Pose 19

Decor: (all gachas ^^)
Astrallia – Pin up life backgrounds (Laundrette) @ kustom9
-Nomi-Princess Closet-Shoe Box(Light), Candy Jar-1(Light) & Candy Jar-3(Light) @ The Gacha Garden
[ kunst ] – Spike carrier RARE, Panta carrier RARE &Cold-cola carrier RARE @ The Gacha Garden
~*larnia HD*~ crowded house Oat Floats cereal
shine by [ZD] BEAUTY DAY* Storage Boxes blue, Frangipani, Stack of Towels blue, Old shabby Heater, Beauty Case, Magazine, Stack of Towels gray, Towel Ladder 02
LAGOM – Books-n-Java – [Cup D] & [Windowlights]
:BoWillow: Elephant Pouf – Blue
uK – 9 to 5 Amazing Things Frames & 9 to 5 Good Vibes Framed
ionic : Antique books & iron table & Iron chair
{moss&mink} Picnic in the Park – Crate table
Candy Crunchers – Random Matters – Vase

(yes, I explore music to do pics lol)

Wardrobe of Myst

Portrait of Lady Amaranth

“A lady truly that never fades… known by many… her unrivaled beauty… many fights occurred… many unhealthy wishes made… in the end… all they did… taking away someone’s life… Now she became unable to leave the world”

Lady Amaranth

Haru’s Details:
Hair: Doe: Brittany ~ Monotone HUD (gacha)
Headpiece: .::Supernatural::. Chantrea Headpiece
Eyes: CURELESS[+] Sororis Obscura / Succubus Vision / RED
Face Tattoo: CURELESS [+] Psychopomp
Skin: CURELESS[+] Morphine
Choker: .::Supernatural::. Bellicent Choker

JIAN Spider Web (OUAN Gift)

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Losing Colors

Imagine you always knew what colors looked liked, how vibrant they felt, how wonderful they make anything look like, then suddenly all start to fade out and all you can see is dark colors… light turning to gray turning to black… the wonderful pink, purple, blue, orange and favorite red, all are turning grayish darker and darker by the minute… what could be the reason for losing the colors?

Losing colors1

Losing colors2

Losing colors



Details on Haru:
Circe Set NEW! by Supernatural 
* Headband: .::Supernatural::. Circe Headband [Gold-Black]
* Eyepatch: .::Supernatural::. Circe Eyepatch [Gold-Black]
Make up: CURELESS[+] Lilith’s Night Out / Makeup Set (v.1)
Dress:  =Zenith=Witch dress (Bones) Maitreya
Nails: Hello Dave – Halloween Hunt 2017 PRIZE PACKAGE
Garter: .::Supernatural::. Shadow Black
Boots: =Zenith=Witch Boot with Net socks (Bones) -Maitreya

Location: Death Row North (DRD) 
(currently Bloodcroft Castle out)