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There is always a time that all we need is quietness and prettiness… Yes, I know not really about the prettiness but it fits not to make your background feel empty, lonely and or boring. There are a lot of times I do wonder if it would be possible to hover between the clouds… Yes I know, pretty childish thought… but let’s be honest, isn’t there a time we all want a piece of the clouds? Being up there where nothing can actually disturb you? I know I have had these thoughts many times, it is also the reason I truly enjoy my beach area, 97% of the time it is empty with no one there to disturb someone’s peace. I always think that the clouds are or should be feeling pretty fluffy, cold yet cozy where you can just doze off, sadly it can’t hold something in it like cartoons do lol. Here to our peaceful hang out.

In the clouds

Me and Sis asleep

In the clouds 2

Outfit Description:
Hair: Doe: Marigold ~ Candy HUD Rare @ Lootbox
Piercing: PUNCH / Basic Lip Piercings II
Necklace: Contrax. – Trio Necklace Silver @ Lootbox
Claws: [CX] Biomech Claws (LIMITED GIFT)
Kimono: NYU – Summer Yukata, DBlue (Maitreya) @ Lootbox
Geta: NYU – Geta & High-Knee Tabi, BlackNo2 (Maitreya) @ Lootbox

Pose: CW Poses – Right Here

Hair: Doe: Marigold ~ Monotone HUD @ Lootbox
Headband: Belle Epoque { Cute Gang } Headbow Sky
Piercings: 1. ^^Swallow^^ Supreme Gold and White Diamond 01, 03, 04 RARE
Necklace 1: Contrax. – Trio Necklace Gold @ Lootbox
Necklace 2: Sweet Thing. Sleepychi Charmed Necklace (Gamer)
Rings: Kibitz – Love rings
Kimono: NYU – Summer Mini Yukata, Blue (Maitreya) @ Lootbox
Geta: NYU – Geta w/ High-Knee Tabi, WhiteNo1 (Maitreya) @ Lootbox

Pose: FOXCITY. Wild&Free-5

[[RH]] Design House: KURA- BOTAN Vase (Peony) Red, FOXY Girls 1, FOXY Girls 2,  FOXY Girls 3, Andon (Light) -Natural-, BOTAN Vase (Piony) Pink, TANMONO (roll of cloth), WA light, Chouchin Tree (light), YUUKAKU -Sake set-, IZAYOI– PLANT (Red)
+Half-Deer+Panda Dango Pouf, Slumber Lamp – Cat – White, Coming up Roses – Easel (White + Roses)
SPELL: Green Tea Set, Stack of Tea Cups [Colors]
ARIA – Haven Bunny Planter
8f8 – New Beginning – Bench
Glam Affair – Table (LOFT version)
Blink2Wink (mp link): – Kokeshi Doll [Yellow] Common (should get from other players)
{what next}: Pothos Plant (small), Swiss Cheese Plant, Snake Plant (stand)
[P] Pillows: Dreamy BR: Ceiling Decor,
unKindness: Dreamer’s Sky Puddles Silver,  Dreamer’s Sky Dreamy Fog
irrie’s Dollhouse: Painted Lady Gazebo *Bluebell*
{anc} fish shop daughters / leaking rug [type.A] 3Li
[PR] Puke Rainbows: Half Moons Glitter Ground – Yellow, Curved Line – Yellow

Bluntly honest, this pic took us 3 days to take! We started decorating and was gonna take pics, Baja sims was restarting so we tp’ed home, THEN I had to go do stuff in RL so couldn’t be on. When I was on Sis wasn’t on, they were fixing her tiles so she ended up having to wash EVERYTHING again, now the day after sis wasn’t on cuz of the washing thingies lol! Plus we ended up doing another pic that with same decors… I was so happy with the end results when we were decorating. Once again a starting as a plain looking area filled with stuff! I really hope the sim owner didn’t mind what all we used. All though I logged to find a girl taking a pic, that made me feel shy and happy at the same time, I felt shy cuz they weren’t really set right yet but it was still being used! Happy because well our set up was liked enough to get used for other’s pics ^^. Here is our happy beach fun day! Taken at Baja Norte sim… my spot these days…
(those who are following my flickr already noticed that I been obsessed with it here lol)

Having fun at the beach

Beach Fun

Close up of beach fun

Details on outfits:

Hair: Doe: Maye – HUD – Special Edition 1 @ The Arcade
Swimsuit: !gO! Summer swimsuit – blue @ The Arcade
Skin: .Atomic. Gacha_Summer Catwa Applier – Creme 3

Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Summer Hairplay – Coromuel – B+W @ The Arcade
Swimsuit:  !gO! Summer swimsuit – burgundy @ The Arcade
Skin: .Atomic. Gacha_Summer Catwa Applier – Honey 2

Hair: Besom~ Milk. *GG*
Swimsuit: #EMPIRE – Summer Time – Bikini 2 – rose @ The Arcade

Hair: .ploom. Mystic ~ Monotone HUD
Swimsuit: erratic / justine Noir

Hair: Tableau Vivant Nyoki Hair – Dreads – Winter & Knot [faux dreads] – Naturals II
Shorts: <Kalback> Sweat Shorts_Grey (Signat.)

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Erik Mesh Hair – Night shadow
Shorts: REDGRAVE CargoPants UltraBaggy LQMesh – Olive –

{moss&mink}: Summer of 69 – Deck Chair Pink, Deck Chair Teal, Umbrella, String Lanterns @ The Arcade
Pillows: Summer Days: Cushion, Drinks, Watermelon, Snack Table, Picnic Rug, Picnic Box
Sway’s: [on the Beach] Floor with Blankets natural RARE & Coconut drink,  Lantern counterpart . sunshine, Lantern parallel . natural, Torch, Cushion . boho @ The Arcade
brocante: beach cruiser gacha / lilac & peach @ The Arcade
 .:Bee Designs:.: To The Beach gacha Decorative floatters & To The Beach gacha Sign
JIAN: Cheeky Chihuahuas 10. Choco Wanderer @ The Arcade
+Half-Deer+: Merkitty – Cruising (Lilac) @ The Arcade
!gO!: Summer swimsuit packer (was cute and could be used as decor) @ The Arcade
::Axix:: RadioGirl Radio Crazy
REIGN: Beach Bag Doggy Shades (pattern)#15 & Beach Bag (pattern) #18 @ The Arcade
*ionic*: Hanging blankets
junk: wannabe boho. wall hanging. green.
:.WS.: (MPlink): Beach Towel-Pink
8f8: New Beginning – David’s Coffee Table
{anc}: happyendpark. garden parasol (gold) 6Li
Sari-Sari: Blanket Fort – Bunting 1 1
Tres Blah: Summer Fete – Floral Bunting
[Con.]: The Cuddle Camper – Yellow RARE
Kei’s: South Beach Clutter
..::ILLI::.. Meriel Maitreya Flip Flops (L&R)
IE: Swim Patrol
mimmi – sand castle
*::.who what.::*: floaty- boat (RARE) & letters {H} x2
Astralia: Pink Dreams Inflatable mouth & dinghy (Animated) @ The Arcade

OMG! SO much to list today @____@

Some days when you feel exhausted, and or your head feels heavily full it really is necessary to take a break from everything and everyone to dedicate some peaceful moments to yourself so you can recharge. Nothing recharges me more than the sound of nature, birds, the wind, trees, etc etc etc. RL wise I live near ocean, SL wise normal water so I just semi recreated what I would do in RL xD


Peaceful 2

Peaceful 3

Peaceful 4

Haru’s look info:
Hair: Doe: Oriana ~ Color & Pastel HUD (Two Toned) @ Epiphany
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Yuna // Ice Eye
Earring: Izzie’s – Little Flower Earrings (Epiphany Gift)
Necklace 1: Izzie’s – A2 (Flower Necklace)
Necklace 2: Izzie’s – B6 (Message Necklace)
Necklace 3: Izzie’s – C2 (Heart Necklace)
Necklace 4: Izzie’s – D2 (Gem Necklace)
Necklace 5: Izzie’s – Long Moon Necklace (Epiphany Exclusive)
Romper: paper.arrow spring.romper.gacha lilac (maitreya) @ Epiphany
Tattoo: [White~Widow] Altar – Black

8f8: Storyteller’s Burrow – Pier & Boat BAG *** RARE

Ok so like… Iam in love with this tree we gotten for the land… on the other side, my pavilion looks crooked Q.Q… trust me it isn’t crooked at all >.< the blame falls on the angle!… i swear! xD. Switched between angles and some looked normal while 2 other angles besides this one looked crooked.

I was gonna say to rush over to Sanarae for the last days, but it was already too late Q.Q. In any case~  I been wandering around for DAAAAYS in this outfit… its so adorable!






Haru’s outfit: (was at Sanarae)
Hair & Horns: Doe: Blythe ~ Candy HUD
Head: [AK] Nami Mesh Head
Earmuffs: EVIE. – Wint Earmuffs – White
Earrings: OXIDE Moon & Stars Earrings
Choker: Kibitz (mp link)– Zoey Collar
Outfit: M.I.X.*suspender pants

+Half-Deer+: Crane the Lightbringer, Flowerhead Goldfish & Lighted Pathway [Snowy]
HPMD: Sweet Garden Grass03(Mesh) – yellow green,  Fallen Tree – flowers & Garden Tree06 – brown(g) c
8f8: little lines – Pavillion (June 2016 Group Gift), little lines – Bench & little lines – Lamp
Alirium: ItchyGrass [DarkGreen]
Real: The Centenarian Fir Celebrating (white lights)

Have you guys felt like someone was watching you from afar or so? Well I did and also had the person caught lol. It was a few years back when my room still didn’t have AC in it. I had glass shutters before as well and let me say I do prefer those over any other windows, anyways, I started feeling eyes on me on a Saturday and not to mention where our house is, its not easy access from the back, we live in the mondi (local way of saying forest, but its bushes and cactus etc, so yes hard to come close unless we open the path) I usually don’t pay attention to my surroundings for the simple fact where my windows are makes it pretty impossible to be spied on. lol. After 3 days I felt it again but this time i paid more attention, called my cousin and told him what am feeling from where, so he started camping on my roof (my part is lower then mom’s room part so he was under mom’s roof while on my roof) for a week, when it was nearing second week he finally saw something moving around carefully and quietly. He then went down the roof ran over to our neighbor’s farm and cross over until he was around the person who was peeking, while he was doing that i stood infront of my window and instead of changing out of my uniform i just stared outside as i motion with my hand “No”, mind you I couldn’t see the person but I pretended I did see lol. Anyhow after 20 ish minute my cousin managed to tumble the person over making him fall in the tunas (translated into prickly pear cactus). Turned out was a friend of his who lived like 20 min walking distance away from me lol… also his reason was (i didnt believe it thou) he enjoyed watching me play my game hence whenever he had the time he would sneak around to watch me (back then i used to play SRO- SilkRoad Online). He made a small path to actually reach behind my short fence to sit and watch.




Hair: Doe: Hizgi ~ Monotone HUD was @ The Seasons Story
Head Applier: Paper Rabbit: Ghost
Eyes: -SU!- Spectrum Eyes Blind
Nose piercing 1: PUNCH / Heart Nose Stud
Nose piercing 2: PUNCH / Double Chain
Dress: !APHORISM! Autumn Cami Dress
Cardigan: !APHORISM! Chunky Knit Cardigan ~ Grey
Nails: [FORMANAILS] Stiletto Nails 02 – Maitreya Hand Silver Black
Tattoo: [White~Widow] Shallows – Black – RARE

8f8 – Storyteller’s Burrow – Passageway (gacha item)
8f8 – Cup of Spring – ***FULL SET***