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Them eyes man… look how gory it is… ok well, not really, it just popped out? “giggles” My poor Pippo lost 1 eye even though it isn’t fully gone… We got some extra pair of eyes to share tho but don’t tell her that! “points to her dangling eyes on her garter” I can already see Mappi trying to gauge Pippo’s hanging eyes. “No Mappi, bad Mappi!”

Them eyes 1

Them Eyes


Haru’s details:
Hair: TRUTH VIP – September
Hairband: darkendStare Nightmare Freebie Plush Bat Headbands
Skin: Emi Skin Porcelain tone (Enfer Sombre*)
Dots on forehead (lol): [CX] Noh + Oiran Eyebrow (Catwa)
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Rian // Black Eye
Choker: .::Supernatural::. Rowena New! @ Black Fair
Tattoo: [La Baguette] Heart Blush SaNaRae
Garters: .::Supernatural::. Shadow Garters New! @ The Liaison Collaborative

Gacha Items:
Jian :: Cuddle Creepers :: Zip & Rip Rares!
Jian :: Cuddle Creepers :: Black Owl
CURELESS[+] Sororis Obscura / Bats / PURE @ Salem
CURELESS[+] Sororis Obscura / Bats / DARK @ Salem
Foxes – Wednesday – Ratty – Light @ Epiphany

Gacha Set:
*Tentacio and .{PSYCHO:Byts}.* Eternal night. Elvira body RARE @ Epiphany
*Tentacio and .{PSYCHO:Byts}.*Eternal night. Eye gloves black @ Epiphany
*Tentacio and .{PSYCHO:Byts}.* Eternal night. Rita white @ Epiphany
*Tentacio and .{PSYCHO:Byts}.* Eternal night.Hungry shoes black @ Epiphany

Kitty’s details:
Hair: #9{Limerence} Daniela hair(Common2)-B&W @ The Chapter Four
Bindi: CURELESS[+] Moonlight Jewels / GROUPGIFT
Skin: {S0NG} Ani // Pale Tone – Catwa Applier ULTRA RARE @ Pocket Gacha (MP linkage)
Tattoo: [La Baguette] Heart Blush SaNaRae

Gacha Items:
(AMD) Boxed Ms. Kitty – Headband Ears @ Epiphany
(AMD) Boxed Ms. Kitty Collar – Black *RARE* @ Epiphany
Foxes – Wednesday – Ratty – Dark @ Epiphany
CURELESS[+] Sororis Obscura / Bats / DARK @ Salem

Gacha Set:
*Tentacio and .{PSYCHO:Byts}.* Eternal night. Elvira body RARE @ Epiphany
*Tentacio and .{PSYCHO:Byts}.*Eternal night. Eye gloves white @ Epiphany
*Tentacio and .{PSYCHO:Byts}.* Eternal night. Rita black @ Epiphany
*Tentacio and .{PSYCHO:Byts}.* Eternal night.Hungry shoes white @ Epiphany

Haru: Kirin – beni Pose 1 @ The Seasons Story
Kitty:  Kirin – beni Pose 4 @ The Seasons Story

{anc} story. / old watch{gold} RARE, cake {cream}, mushroom magic, mushroom poison, butterfly (float) night, candle {blood} (gacha) @ Salem
:Moon Amore: Nevermore/ Crows Trio/ Bone @ Salem
{anc} ripple. oil
Trompe Loeil – voliere copper star and moon (gacha)
[ keke ] butterflies dancing – blue
+Half-Deer+ Metal Leaf Vines – Gold – @ C88
Jian :: Cuddle Creepers – Tombstone Fishbowl
*Tentacio and .{PSYCHO:Byts}.* Eternal night. Rita black @ Epiphany
Jian Feline Frights EP 9. Skeleton Companion @ Epiphany

OMG… I freaking MADE IT! “faints”

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Calm Day

Calm day

I have to admit, this is a first for me, where I don’t focus on my face at all. I was going through poses and I stumbled on this one, when I was moving my cam around checking it was a perfect pose for my anklets, but I did feel a bit unsure on the rest of it so I did what I always do, play around for an angle and found this angle, THEN to find location which ended up outside the house and THEN for the background which was half way done anyways but since the angle was a bit different I had to bring them around xD. I am quite happy to be honest. Also, here is a close up on my anklets on both foot.

My beautiful feet

Details on Haru: (well not much to share lol)
Anklets: .::Supernatural::. Opulent Anklet
Toe rings: Kibitz – Kandria toe rings – onyx
Garter: .::Supernatural::. Lolly Garter Black

[ keke ] sacred lotus – white
Culprit Modular Deck Cedar
Sequel – Filigree Lantern – Silver (gift)
3D TREES – Marsh plant – 3x shape – copy modify
*alirium* CottonGrass [2.0]
anc -Garden- lavender {holo}
anc Garden dotty wild grass {colorful}
Grass Prop (gift)

oOo Studio Catnap_one

(Today I been listening to my old old favorites Spanish songs)

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“Through the mist, through the gate, through the water”

As many of you know, I love decorating, setting up for a picture, here is another example of a simple pose with 1 Torii gate as starting set to end up this way. A friend of mine told me that I should sell services to help others who want my help for setting up etc… but how am I suppose to do that while I enjoy doing these? It isn’t always that I have the inspiration to do all of it, what if am paid for a set for a specific day and I do not feel it? I find it really hard, I guess I have to agree with another friend, am to humble for my own good >.<

Not letting go

Close look

Haru’s Details:
Hair: .EMBW. Hi Hair .Natural
Make up: 18 – violetta. -catwa female applier kitsune make2 (gacha) New! @ Kagami2017
Horns:  *Tentacio* Let me breathe goat horns (gacha) New! @ The Gacha Garden
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Stellar // Sea Eye New! @ SaNaRae
Mask:  *Tentacio* Let me breathe. Oxygen mask RARE (gacha) New! @ The Gacha Garden
Halo: 14_{-Maru Kado-} Halo-Hitogata White (gacha) New! @ Kagami2017
Lingerie:  *Tentacio* Let me breathe lingerie white (gacha) New! @ The Gacha Garden
Claws: [CX] Biomech Claws
Rings: Kibitz – Rae rings – onyx
Harness:  *Tentacio* Let me breathe harness white (gacha) New! @ The Gacha Garden
Socks:  *Tentacio* Let me breathe socks white (gacha) New! @ The Gacha Garden
Geta: tomoto, bell geta pink (gacha) New! @ Kagami2017

Kitty’s Details:
Hair: (red) Mint – (r)M Hair No.47’16
Eyeliner: 19 – violetta. -catwa female applier kitsune (gacha) New!@ Kagami2017
Make up: 15 – violetta. -catwa female applier kitsune (gacha) New! @ Kagami2017
Piercing:  ^^Swallow^^ Supreme Gold and White Diamond RARE (gacha)
Horns:  *Tentacio* Let me breathe goat horns (gacha) New!@ The Gacha Garden
Eyes:  {S0NG} :: Stellar~ Abyss Eye New! @ SaNaRae
Halo: 02_{-Maru Kado-} Halo-Torii Black (gacha) New! @ Kagami2017
Lingerie:  *Tentacio* Let me breathe lingerie black (gacha) New! @ The Gacha Garden
Claws: [CX] Biomech Claws
Harness:  *Tentacio* Let me breathe harness black (gacha) New! @ The Gacha Garden
In hand: [Takeo] Cricket Cage – Painted Red
Socks:  *Tentacio* Let me breathe socks black (gacha) New! @ The Gacha Garden
Geta: tomoto, bell geta black (gacha) New! @ Kagami2017

Pose:: Focus Poses Friends Pose 12

{anc} mist cloud&nebra beads [Heavenlyblue] & -Garden- lavender {holo}
{MB} Lantern Festival (gacha) New! @ The Epiphany
[Mello] Star Cluster
 .::Cubic Cherry::. 09{Waterlilly} bubbles lilac (gacha)
*alirium* ItchyGrass [DarkGreen] & Puck : taupe
HPMD* Garden Tree09 with Lights – green
+Half-Deer+ Sakura Petals
.:-.SOUEN.- :^AY^:.Yokai Monogatari *Aki RARE (gacha)
{aii} + Tori Gate v1+ (gacha)
xin. torii gate (gacha)

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Cute stuff needed

If we were to unload our entire cute stuff decorations from our inventory I don’t think there is any sim that could handle ALL of them. The other day we were talking about it and Kitty said “I think we need a sim that can hold at least 10k prims so we can unload all our stuff to see what is what and to put in their specific folder”. Well I kinda am doing that one by one and it is a HELL of a job I tell you… it’s HARD to keep track, specially IF you are like us… “OMG sis this one, omg that one, I will take this you take that, we can use for pictures!” like this… it’s a never ending story with cute decorations that we want to own… we used the most simple ones tbh… our picture ^^
(PS: First pics using our new bento head! Got to say we both not 100% there yet but it’s coming along just fine ^^)

Cute stuff needed

Me and Sis

Details on Haru:
Hair: Doe: Jamie ~ Neon HUD (Gacha item) @ Sanarae
Ornaments: =Zenith=Hydrangea arborescens (Purple) @ The Crystal Heart Festival
Mask: =Zenith=Xue Nu Mask (Purple) @ The Crystal Heart Festival
Choker: Kibitz (Converge) – Zoey Collar – Onyx
Tattoo: Awear (MP link) dragonflies take flight colors
Outfit: =Zenith=Xue Nu Dress (purple) -Maitreya @ The Crystal Heart Festival
Lamp: =Zenith=Qing xing deng (Wear) -RARE @ The Crystal Heart Festival
Feet: =Zenith=Xue Nu Okobo (purple) -Maitreya @ The Crystal Heart Festival

Details on Kitty:
Hair: Doe: Diana+ (twotone) – Monotone (Gacha item) @ The Crystal Heart Festival
Ornaments: =Zenith=Hydrangea arborescens (Sea) @ The Crystal Heart Festival
Mask: =Zenith=Xue Nu Mask (Sea) @ The Crystal Heart Festival
Choker: {vincue} & [CX] – Airie+Collar – Sky/Gold @ The Crystal Heart Festival
Tattoo: Stardust – Luna – White Tattoo
Outfit: =Zenith=Xue Nu Dress (sea) -Maitreya @ The Crystal Heart Festival
Lamp: *May’s Soul* Acham ~ Staff
Feet: =Zenith=Xue Nu Okobo (sea) -Maitreya @ The Crystal Heart Festival

+Half-Deer+ Moon Bunny – Angelic, Carrots,  Fairy & Aquamarine @ The Crystal Heart Festival & Sakura Petals
[[RH]] -KURA- FOXY Girls 3, FOXY Girls 2 & FOXY Girls 1 & Chouchin Tree (light)
CURELESS[+] Luna P / EVIL (Gift) @ The Crystal Heart Festival
[Mello] Star Cluster – Scattered
.::Cubic Cherry::. {Waterlilly} half-bubble lilac & {Waterlilly} bubbles lilac
AIR [ Flower Lantern ] Gacha, complete set
{anc} forget. wing leaf/pose [pink], forget. wing leaf C [pink], forget. wing leaf B [pink], Garden lavender {holo} & Garden dotty wild grass {colorful}
Caboodle – Aquarium Bubbles
8f8 – silent conversations – Sakura Tree RARE
Culprit Modular Deck Walkway Cedar
REAL Lights ! The Ethereals In Red!

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Night Time~

According to any folktales you have heard about and such, night time is always the time that those who take human form return to their original form. Now, what if that being is only a half-ling? What happens at night time? Where does she/ he belong? In any stories told, someone that is a half does not have a place where they belong, no one likes a half-bloods at all, only time they can be themselves and enjoy a quiet and peaceful time. They don’t need to hide themselves at all, they can run freely,  they can do anything they want…. all it take is… for it to be Night~

Night time

Night time close up

Haru’s details:
Hair: Doe: Brenda ~ Side 1 Pastels HUD & Side 2 Monotone HUD @ Uber 
Forehead Jewel: CURELESS [+] Moonlight Jewels / GROUPGIFT
Eyebrows: [CX] Noh + Oiran Eyebrow (Catwa)
Eyes:  CURELESS [+] Cat Eye Syndrome / GROUP GIFT
Whiskers: [CX] Nyan Whiskers Box
Skin:  CURELESS [+] Morphine
Outfit:  CURELESS [+] Bakeneko / Shapeshifter Garments / RARE LOOTBOX, Contains: Shapeshifter Robe, Sleeves, Tails, Luna Getas and Obake Familiar@ Lootbox
Stocking:  CURELESS [+] Bakeneko / Nekotabi Stockings / LUNA @ Lootbox
Hagomoro: + Hagoromo Butterfly + {aii} ~ wearing Gin
Pixie 1: + Queen Dark Pixie + {aii} RARE
Pixie 2: + Starlight Pixie + {aii}
Cage: {anc} cage. ornament {purple}

Location: *StoryBrooke Gardens*