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Having Fun @ The Beach!

Bluntly honest, this pic took us 3 days to take! We started decorating and was gonna take pics, Baja sims was restarting so we tp’ed home, THEN I had to go do stuff in RL so couldn’t be on. When I was on Sis wasn’t on, they were fixing her tiles so she ended up having to wash EVERYTHING again, now the day after sis wasn’t on cuz of the washing thingies lol! Plus we ended up doing another pic that with same decors… I was so happy with the end results when we were decorating. Once again a starting as a plain looking area filled with stuff! I really hope the sim owner didn’t mind what all we used. All though I logged to find a girl taking a pic, that made me feel shy and happy at the same time, I felt shy cuz they weren’t really set right yet but it was still being used! Happy because well our set up was liked enough to get used for other’s pics ^^. Here is our happy beach fun day! Taken at Baja Norte sim… my spot these days…
(those who are following my flickr already noticed that I been obsessed with it here lol)

Having fun at the beach

Beach Fun

Close up of beach fun

Details on outfits:

Hair: Doe: Maye – HUD – Special Edition 1 @ The Arcade
Swimsuit: !gO! Summer swimsuit – blue @ The Arcade
Skin: .Atomic. Gacha_Summer Catwa Applier – Creme 3

Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Summer Hairplay – Coromuel – B+W @ The Arcade
Swimsuit:  !gO! Summer swimsuit – burgundy @ The Arcade
Skin: .Atomic. Gacha_Summer Catwa Applier – Honey 2

Hair: Besom~ Milk. *GG*
Swimsuit: #EMPIRE – Summer Time – Bikini 2 – rose @ The Arcade

Hair: .ploom. Mystic ~ Monotone HUD
Swimsuit: erratic / justine Noir

Hair: Tableau Vivant Nyoki Hair – Dreads – Winter & Knot [faux dreads] – Naturals II
Shorts: <Kalback> Sweat Shorts_Grey (Signat.)

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Erik Mesh Hair – Night shadow
Shorts: REDGRAVE CargoPants UltraBaggy LQMesh – Olive –

{moss&mink}: Summer of 69 – Deck Chair Pink, Deck Chair Teal, Umbrella, String Lanterns @ The Arcade
Pillows: Summer Days: Cushion, Drinks, Watermelon, Snack Table, Picnic Rug, Picnic Box
Sway’s: [on the Beach] Floor with Blankets natural RARE & Coconut drink,  Lantern counterpart . sunshine, Lantern parallel . natural, Torch, Cushion . boho @ The Arcade
brocante: beach cruiser gacha / lilac & peach @ The Arcade
 .:Bee Designs:.: To The Beach gacha Decorative floatters & To The Beach gacha Sign
JIAN: Cheeky Chihuahuas 10. Choco Wanderer @ The Arcade
+Half-Deer+: Merkitty – Cruising (Lilac) @ The Arcade
!gO!: Summer swimsuit packer (was cute and could be used as decor) @ The Arcade
::Axix:: RadioGirl Radio Crazy
REIGN: Beach Bag Doggy Shades (pattern)#15 & Beach Bag (pattern) #18 @ The Arcade
*ionic*: Hanging blankets
junk: wannabe boho. wall hanging. green.
:.WS.: (MPlink): Beach Towel-Pink
8f8: New Beginning – David’s Coffee Table
{anc}: happyendpark. garden parasol (gold) 6Li
Sari-Sari: Blanket Fort – Bunting 1 1
Tres Blah: Summer Fete – Floral Bunting
[Con.]: The Cuddle Camper – Yellow RARE
Kei’s: South Beach Clutter
..::ILLI::.. Meriel Maitreya Flip Flops (L&R)
IE: Swim Patrol
mimmi – sand castle
*::.who what.::*: floaty- boat (RARE) & letters {H} x2
Astralia: Pink Dreams Inflatable mouth & dinghy (Animated) @ The Arcade

OMG! SO much to list today @____@

Wardrobe of Myst

Secret Hide Out

Oh gosh, where to start~
This set up got me sooooooo mad! Like seriously~ It isn’t because of decorating, rather for the simple fact that once I start decorating, if something is missing i keep searching and decorating. It was suppose to just be one part of the skybox i had rezzed for the set up, guess what?! I ended decorating nearly all of the freaking skybox! I cant lie, i had fun decorating, YES that was fun, what wasn’t fun was how searching for one item, I ended up organizing → Created a folder for decors only → created folders in this folder by creators // stores THEN → since most are gacha related ended up creatings folders by set & a folder for doubles. I’m gonna give an example; I made the folder for Ionic, inside the Ionic folder i made folders by the sets that i own and a folder for double gachas, in the folder for double gachas I made folder by sets. Now for the sets that i have, if it isn’t completed I have it named with what am missing.
So basically what suppose to take me less then an hour to set up, ended up taking me a total of 7 – 8 hours over the 3 days I started putting stuff out lol.

Anyways~ I call it “The Secret Hide Out” for the simple reason that it feels secluded. Lena (sis) already took pics using the set up, I feel so happy that she liked it to take pics with it! Anyways here are the pics I did with my set.

Secret Hide Out

Perverted bunny

Save me i dont wanna cook

Kitty stole my pc

Bed hijacked by Rue ♥

Haru’s outfit:
Hair: Doe: Loopsie (Solid) – Candy RARE @ Epiphany
Skin applier for head & body: Catwa Skin – Mocha – Isabella (Enfer Sombre*) @ Epiphany
Headphones: ::Axix:: RadioGirl KittyHeadphone RARE @ Epiphany
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Yuna // Pale Green Eye
Nose piercing: MONS / MESH – Septum Ringz Gacha (style-3) Silver @ Epiphany
Ice cream: ::Axix:: RadioGirl FunnyFeet Sweet @ Epiphany
Choker: *Besom~ Luna Choker*Lavender* @ Epiphany
Necklace 1: Izzie’s – A2 (Flower Necklace) @ Epiphany
Necklace 2: Izzie’s – B6 (Message Necklace) @ Epiphany
Necklace 3: Izzie’s – C2 (Heart Necklace) @ Epiphany
Necklace 4: Izzie’s – D2 (Gem Necklace) @ Epiphany
Necklace 5: Izzie’s – Long Moon Necklace (Epiphany Exclusive) @ Epiphany
Pet on shoulder: *Drot* Spirit Owl – Black (RARE) @ Epiphany
Top: ::Axix:: RadioGirl Shirt Wifi (Maitreya) @ Epiphany
Belt: ::Axix:: RadioGirl BeltEarphones @ Epiphany
Nails: ~GD~Sin’s Passion(GG No Gems) – For Maitreya Mesh Hands
Rings: PUNCH / Heart Ring
Panties: p.a. boy.briefs.gacha (m.lara) purple/pink [bag] @ Epiphany
Bracelets: :BAMSE: Belonging Bracelets – Beauty / Beast & He / She Is Mine
Tattoos: [White~Widow] Shallows – Black – RARE @ Epiphany
Flying pet: darkendStare. diabolic dragonlings [Void] (fly) @ Epiphany

Poses: Image Essentials ~ IE woman lay 2m, IE – vintage 9, IE – vintage 7 & IE woman lay 5

*HEXtraordinary* Perching Faerie Dragon – Amethyst
Quirky & Atomic ~ Heart Shaped Dreamer Complete Set  (including exclusive) @ Epiphany
MishMish: Kitties go to market – Computer RARE & Kitties go to market – I haz a shopping list @ Epiphany
Ionic: Daydream – 2 & 6; Eureka! – 3; INSPIRE! – 1, – 3 & 8; La Vie de Bomèhe – 2; Algo de Amor – 4 & 7; The Secret Garden – Glass Lantern
Axix: Bunny Toy EXCLUSIVE & RadioGirl Radio Dreamer @ Epiphany
Dust bunny: Sleepless attic skybox; Small spaces kitchen; Kitchen essentials & book pile
Tres Blah: Salad Days – Gold Alarm Clock, Ruffled Clutch, Cat Face Jade, Fox Tail Agave, Easy Listening, Cactus, Deer Bust (Silver/Black) RARE & Trusty Table; Hodgepodge – Snail Mail; Kitchen Basics – Scale (Cream), Bakeware, Bowls, Shelf (White),  Cookie Jars (Pink) &  Cutting Board RARE; Rotary Phone – Pink
Floorplan: poster mural / adventure,
Second Spaces: Command Center – wedgewood @ Epiphany, Kitchen Collection – wall rack RARE, Seasoning, drying rack, napkins & towels
Cheeky Pea: Homemade Picture Frames Light
[ free bird ]: Strangers and Friends Canvas & To The Sun Canvas
T-3D Creations: Strings Star

Ok i got 2 vids of Brian Justin Crum covering Radiohead’s song Creep, I love both of these videos but personally i prefer the first one, where you can see the whole performance, but you can chose which to watch xD

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“Let’s go beaching!” is what I saw on Lena’s face when she got all dressed up for it. I usually don’t go to the beach as much as I used too, however here I am xD. Did you think we did a good try on looking Caribbean-ish? Personally am from the Caribbean, but this was the hardest thing to recreate for me lol

me and lena at the beach 2

me and lena at the beach 4

me and lena at the beach

me and lena at the beach 3

Myst’s look details:
Hair: no.match_ ~ NO_MANHATTAN ~ Pack of BROWNS @ Hair Fair July 2016
Head: CATWA HEAD Jessica v4.8
Head applier: Glam Affair – Catwa Applier – Gabriela – Jamaica 03 RARE // Gacha Guardians Event
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Lyn // Blue Eye
Ears: ^^Swallow^^ Shiny Ears @ Shiny Shabby
Tattoo: [White~Widow] Shallows – Black – RARE
Face piercings: PUNCH / Basic Lip Piercings II // Lune / Nose Piercing // Starlet Septum
Sunshades: Izzie’s – Miami Neon Sunglasses coral
Necklace & Bracelets: Izzie’s – Full Set Cowrie Shell Jewelry @ The Season Story
Arm bracers: **RE** Surya ArmCuff – Common – Gold @ Epiphany
Rings: **RE**Surya Rings Maitreya – RARE @ Epiphany
Nails: FDD Nails Maitreya Fitted Mesh *PrettyDoll*Sky/G
Bikini: **RE** Surya Swimsuit – Black – Common @ Epiphany
Dress: **RE** Surya Tank Dress – RARE @ Epiphany
Sandals: REIGN.– BREEZE SANDALS (unpacked)
Bag: =Zenith=Summer Yoga Bag (Unrigged) – RARE
Radio on ground: ::Axix:: RadioGirl Radio Crazy @ Epiphany

Lena’s look details:
Hair: Besom~ Ruby Said
Head: CATWA HEAD Jessica v4.8
Head applier: Glam Affair – Catwa Applier – Aurore – Jamaica 02
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Nell~ Brown Eyes
Tattoo:[White~Widow] Charade – Henna – RARE
Face piercing: (Yummy) Luxury Septum’s – Rococo Septum
Sunshades: Ama. : Kitty Glasses : SL13B Pink
Earrings: .aisling. Karishma Earrings {Gold]
Necklace 1: .aisling. Karishma Long Necklace {Gold]
Necklace 2: [Tia] JOIA – Astapor Collar – Gold
Arm bracers: Birdy – Boho – Arm Chains
Nails: FDD NAILS *Black French* Maitreya fitted
Top:  Luas Summer Vibes Skirt Maitreya Red
Skirt: Luas Summer Vibes Top Maitreya Tile
Flops: ..::ILLI::.. Meriel Maitreya Flip Flops (L&R)
Bag: =Zenith=Summer Yoga Bag (Unrigged) – RARE

Pose: MP linkage *Ellette* Friends Pose ~Dollarbie~

Location:  *Baja Sands*

Wardrobe of Myst

Running Late

I have been so lazy… and in love with my outfit… that i didn’t change it for over a week like 2 weeks… OMG! i must be stinking so bad! >.<… lol this usually don’t happen much with me…  so here i am running late for like a bazillion items im behind with… lol… i love working on pressure thou… but the cold got me offguard 😦

Running late

Close up on my necklace… lol and my cute faceClose up on Haru

Close up on my watchWatch 2


Haru is wearing:

Skin: [PF] <Crystal> – Doll V2 @ Pink Fuel

Hair: .Olive. the Steffi Hair – Greyscale @ Olive [under construction]

Eyes: IKON Charm Eyes – Black @ Ikon

Eye lashes: Oceane – Sassy Mesh Lashes @ Oceane Body Design

Nose chain ring: ::TI:: Septum Gem & Chains (2 colors) @ Tabou Irresistible

Necklace: Scorpion, Unreal Necklaces – BG @ RealEvil Industries

Tattoo: 01. *Bolson & [ kunst ] / Tattoo – Romero (MYSTERY) by Bolson & [kunst] was for Tag Gacha

Top: Tee*fy Joan Boyfriend’s Tank Top Prisms @ Teefy

Pants: Tee*fy Eva High-Waisted Leggings Smoke @ Teefy

Shoes: +ILO+ Platform Shoes [White] – Wayward Hunt by ILO

Watch: **RE** ReVoX MGX Watch – BG – MOM @ MOM by RealEvil

Bag: ::Axix:: Diskette Bag {Red} @ Axix

Poses: Pic 1, Clutch 4, Pic 2 Body Shot 4 and Pic 3 Body Shot 6m @ Image Essentials.                                        The Clutch poses will be available at The Thrift Shop 9

Wardrobe of Myst

Some stuff part 2

Going through my inventory and my outfit section… i had forgotten i made this Viking look lol… it was an event i went to one time and i fell inlove with Tableau’s viking hair and the outfit i am wearing.

viking myst 1

viking myst close up


Viking look on Myst:

Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Viking Hair – Spring @ ~Tableau Vivant~

Ear cuffs: *May’s Soul* Valkyrie ear black @ *May’s Soul*

Eyes: RE_Real Eyes Sclera @ Real Eyes MP page [havnt been to the store yet]

Lashes: – DAMNED –  Luscious Eyelash @ – DAMNED – BodyShop

Eye Make up part 1: – DAMNED – Eyes Make up Review /Black @ – DAMNED – BodyShop

Eye Make up part 2: :Little Pricks: Viking War Eyes @ :Little Pricks: MP page

Face strap: *May’s Soul* Leather strap vendor @ *May’s Soul*

Face piercing: :HV: Nosejob [100 Block Ink/Frost] @ :The HV:

Collar: **RE** Chained Heart Collar RLV @ RealEvil Industries

Neck Tattoo: ::Axix:: Morpheus Tattoo 4 @ ::Axix::

Outfit: .::DD::. Siv Black @ .::DD::. [Distorted Dreams]

Armor [arms & pauldrons]: *May’s Soul* Muse armour black @ *May’s Soul*

Feet claws: Slink Claw Nails Addon Female Flat @ Slink

Pose: DM – Flexed #2 @ Del May

Been listening to her sets lol