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“Moving In”

The biggest job ever is unpacking when moving in. but it is also the most enjoyable job as well, you can set up how ever you want without worrying what goes where since everything still needs to be unpacked. Enjoy my lil joy ^^

Moving in

Moving in 1

Moving in 2

Moving in 3

Moving in 4

Moving in 5

Sixtine Gacha cabinet RARE, Mirror,  lamp figurine, vase, ottoman pale, scale with decor, coffee table, ottoman blue & house RARE @ Cosmopolitan
NORBERT II GACHA wall decor, seat, table RARE, books in basket, photo frame 2, vase, photo frame 1, wall shelf RARE, lantern, wall lamp & bike shelf RARE

Gacha: Tea Tin Garden – Chamomile (White Bunny) RARE, Dill (Red Fox),  Thyme (Brown Deer),  Rosemary (Grey Cat), Sage (White Deer), Mint (Arctic Fox), Strawberry (Pink Cow) &  Catnip (Calico Cat)
Messy Blanket/Rug (Catty Print – Pink 2)

dust bunny 
elephant ear plant, potted sago palm, potted dragon tree &  hoya plant

Gacha: Stay with me (frames), Small Plants
& where is my mind? frame TCF 3rd bday GIFT

*:..Silvery K..:* Gacha – Illumination FairyLight_Blue(6)
uK – Her Art Floor Set & Her Art Wall Set
-RC- New Home Moving Box
Apple Fall Crumpled Newspaper
[nota bene] (mp link) newspapers
[DBy Mesh] (mp link) Cardboard Boxes

Haru’s look:
Hair: Doe: Emma New! @ The Seasons Story
Outfit: _CandyDoll_ Hedy Overall II & Top @ C88

Paper Rabbit: Poses 91-96 – using pose 91

Wardrobe of Myst

“Pink llama”

I love pink. I love cotton candy. I love llamas. What else can I say? ^-^

llama 3

Haru’s Details:
Hair: 5.Doe: Carnival Candy – RARE 2 Lootbox @ Lootbox
Choker: .::Supernatural::. Malu Black
Top: erratic / janelle – crop top
Sweets: 15.Doe: Carnival Candyfloss – Pink Llama @ Lootbox
Short: Addams // Catalina Overall Short

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Elephant Wall Drape – GIFT
[ zerkalo ] Spring Dream – Cup Circle @ Gachaland
NOLWENN Gacha – wall shelf 2
LAGOM – Easy life [Bed ADULT] #15 RARE
+Half-Deer+ Red Fox – Sleeping

Home · Home decor and stuff

“Lovely Working Area”

Even when we work at home or from home due to all different kind of reasons, we surely need a space were we can feel at home, comfortable, cozy and of course the spot that makes us forget that working can be hectic. This is my kind of place I would work with delight whenever and every time needed ^^

Lovely Working Area

“Moon_Sha” Branches Furnitures (gacha)
Branches Chair,  Branches Dinner Table,  Branches Low Table Small,  Branches Pot 1,  Branches Low Table, Branches Pot 2,  Branches Shelf 2,  Branches Shelf 1 & Branches Picture

[PR] Roses Heart Shape ~ White (gacha)

+Half-Deer+ Tea Tin Garden & Pet Succulents (gacha)
Mint (Arctic Fox),  Bamboo (Panda Bear) RARE,  Catnip (Calico Cat), Chives (Polar Bear), Rosemary (Grey Cat), Mushrooms (B/W Cow),  Strawberry (Pink Cow), Basil (Brown Bear), Pet Succulents Black Cat & White Cat

Apple Fall
White Iris, Charlotte’s Pears, Open Book, ‘iFall’ Notebook 2015, Nelly the Ele, Wicker Ball Lamp – Natural, Monogram Suitcases,  Unknown Specimen, Snowdrops in Cloche, Fern Specimen, Hydrangea Bunch, Cotton Cluster &  Books w/ Deer Head Bookends

Home decor and stuff · Wardrobe of Myst

“A Flower Among Flowers”

“With our awaking, it represents the beginning of Spring, it also tells all our family that another humanoid flower will rise. Raising her with youthfulness, mirthfulness, hoping that one day glee, cheerfulness and gladness  fills her heart forming her soul where she can enjoy her life until the next time when she joins us once again” 

Flower me

A Flower Among Flowers

Details on Haru:
Hair: Doe: Page ~ Monotone HUD
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Nagi // Lavi Eye
Necklace set: .::Supernatural::. Allison Gold
Top: erratic / aida – top / floral (maitreya)
Shorts: erratic / carrie – denim shorts / white (maitreya)

+Half-Deer+ English Ivy
HPMD* Globe Lamp S (butterfly) & Garden Vine02
NOMAD // Crocus Bucket // Yellow, Blue, Aubergine, White, Classic, Crocus Dense // Mixed & Crocus Spread // Mixed @ Collabor88

Home decor and stuff

Receiving a Blessing~

Sometimes the smallest things in life are the most wonderful blessings anyone can have. A few nights ago my blind cat came up to me, jumped in my lap then leaned on my chest and licked my chin without any scratch or anything. He usually sends his paw and claws out in front of min for ANY thing but this time he just jumped and licked my chin as if he was able to see me completely. I admit, it gave me a tear in my eyes. (a long story made a bit shorter, his eyes all of a sudden were swollen and nothing we did helped him, he was barely 5 weeks old, called up vet, was told to bring him in for the kill because he is suffering and will die in less than a week, I kept trying to do anything I can to lessen his pain, yes her eyes disappeared but he did not die, so yes am very glad I kept treating him even tho I was hurting so much seeing him like that)

Receiving a Blessing

[PR] Lotus Flower New! @ The Imaginarium
Lotus Flowers – P/B/Y <<RARE>> RARE, Lotus Flowers Ground – Blue, Lotus Flowers Ground – Pink, Lotus Flowers Rotating – Blue & Lotus Flowers Rotating – Pink 1

[PR] Roses Heart Shape – Pink, Roses Heart Shape – Red, Roses Heart Shape – White & Roses Heart Shape – White/Red

Flowerhead Goldfish – Happiness – Rez (S), Flowerhead Goldfish – Love – Rez (S),  Flowerhead Goldfish – Fancy – Rez (S),  Flowerhead Goldfish – Blackmoor – Rez &  Flowerhead Goldfish – Dream – Rez

[ keke ] sacred lotus group – leaves

Serendipity: Ariella’s b-day gift 1

Haru’s look:
Hair: [LCKY] Honey // Neutral I Pack
Bikini: #EMPIRE – ST – Bikini 2 – rose {Maitreya}