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“Moving In”

The biggest job ever is unpacking when moving in. but it is also the most enjoyable job as well, you can set up how ever you want without worrying what goes where since everything still needs to be unpacked. Enjoy my lil joy ^^

Moving in

Moving in 1

Moving in 2

Moving in 3

Moving in 4

Moving in 5

Sixtine Gacha cabinet RARE, Mirror,  lamp figurine, vase, ottoman pale, scale with decor, coffee table, ottoman blue & house RARE @ Cosmopolitan
NORBERT II GACHA wall decor, seat, table RARE, books in basket, photo frame 2, vase, photo frame 1, wall shelf RARE, lantern, wall lamp & bike shelf RARE

Gacha: Tea Tin Garden – Chamomile (White Bunny) RARE, Dill (Red Fox),  Thyme (Brown Deer),  Rosemary (Grey Cat), Sage (White Deer), Mint (Arctic Fox), Strawberry (Pink Cow) &  Catnip (Calico Cat)
Messy Blanket/Rug (Catty Print – Pink 2)

dust bunny 
elephant ear plant, potted sago palm, potted dragon tree &  hoya plant

Gacha: Stay with me (frames), Small Plants
& where is my mind? frame TCF 3rd bday GIFT

*:..Silvery K..:* Gacha – Illumination FairyLight_Blue(6)
uK – Her Art Floor Set & Her Art Wall Set
-RC- New Home Moving Box
Apple Fall Crumpled Newspaper
[nota bene] (mp link) newspapers
[DBy Mesh] (mp link) Cardboard Boxes

Haru’s look:
Hair: Doe: Emma New! @ The Seasons Story
Outfit: _CandyDoll_ Hedy Overall II & Top @ C88

Paper Rabbit: Poses 91-96 – using pose 91

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“Failing Words”

Most of the time, we cannot really express emotions, wordings, feels, needs, wants, and go on, it is a rather long list. We, am one of those that cannot really express herself well, depend on music a lot more than others for this reason. It does not have to be a song that you can understand the lyrics, it can be any type of music, in any language, instrumental, or sometimes simple hums. It is the base of the sounds that convey our feelings through the song. So, if or when we actually share a song with you try to understand the song’s meaning, perhaps the lyrics help even when you need to search for a translation “laughs”

Failing Words.jpg

Haru’s details:
Hair: TRUTH VIP – May
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Nagi // Lavi Eye
Necklace set: .::Supernatural::. Kayla Set Silver
Romper: [Cosmic Dust] – Jacinda Romper FLF
Bracelet set: .::Supernatural::. Darling Set [Silver]
Nail polish: Hello Dave – Fading French

*!R.O!* Peace You BENTO Pose

Decor: *ionic* Music Speaks! (Gacha from Inspire set)

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“Flowers & Hearts”

Made a new portrait picture for Haru for March. Granted I love this ginger hair color… I find it very peaceful when in contrast with nature colors. Perhaps it’s just my own feelings. Doesn’t it fit all together in the picture? ^^

Heart & Flowers

Haru’s details:
Hair: Doe: Joy ~ Ginger HUD
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Nagi // Lavi Eye
Eyelashes: MICHAN – Audrey Lashes [Catwa]
Necklace: .::Supernatural::. Sue Silver
Rings: .::Supernatural::. Mallory Rings
Top: ISON lace-up tank

[InDiGo] (MP) Female Portrait ~ Pose 2 Mirror

Lacrime dell’anima – Garden Log Pot Set – Blue Flowers
HPMD* Garden Vine02
.IONIC. Sacred Ruins

Home decor and stuff

“Cozy Night In…”

“Outside is really cold, inside is so warm, chilling outside, cozy inside…”

Cozy Night in

Cozy Night

Haru’s Look:
Hair: Magika – 02 – Excuse Me
Bindi: CURELESS [+] Moonlight Jewels
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Blossom // Dark Grey Eye
Eyeshadow: #adored – dreamgirl shadows – pastel perfection @ Etoile
Top: .Shi : Drape over / Midnight @ Shiny Shabby
Boots: #EMPIRE – Ilex

[PR] (Puke Rainbows)
Twinkling Light Snowflake Curtains

22769 (gachas)
Winter Solstice: Bed – RARE,  Bedroom Rug,  Fur Egg Chair,  Geometric Floor Lamp,  Simple Chair, Minimal Sidetable, Snowball Lamp & Minimalist Tray with Cup
Vase with Flowers – Gift

dust bunny (gachas)
storybook living: fresh bouquet, white candlestick phone, gramaphone, suitcase chair, choux pastry tower &  researcher’s journal

Grass Rug – Rainbow – Star
Book Clutter – Stack – Pastel, White & Dark
Tea Tin Garden – Mint (Arctic Fox) (gacha)

bear mug & books (gacha)

.random.Matter. (gachas)
Noticed By Senpai – Journals & Manga Stack

Modern Igloo

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Board Game Night…

Or so we thought … but … it only lasted for 1 round? “giggle snorts” The moment we sat down between our lovely cushions we felt home, taking out and placing the game on the floor, we felt something was missing. Rue already made her self even more comfortable by taking off her shoes putting on her cute slippers while I was still wearing my heavy boots, Carri forgot her slippers so she also was stuck with her boots and Kitty, well she the glamorous one in the group! “laughs” Don’t tell her I said that she gonna lock me up for a whole day in the closet 😛 lmao!

Puzzle Game Night... or so it should have been

Puzzle game night...

[PR] – Puke Rainbows: New!
Three Vintage Cushions – Stars 1 & stars 2
Three Vintage Cushions Love 1 & Love 2 @ cosmopolitan

{moss&mink} Pod Chair, Heart Shelf, Heart Side Table, KP Photo Gallery, Unicorn Party – Hanging Stars 2 GIFT, Enjoy the Little Things & Soft Rug
uK – UnKindness Little Bird Chandelier Light (Non) & 6. 9 to 5 Foxy Lappy
8f8 primavera in Toscana Cupboard & Small Cupboard
i {DH} – irrie’s Dollhouse Clemintine Victorian Dollhouse *Blueberry* & Winter Jane Dress Shoppe *Snowy Blush* RARE
ionic Christmas Tree (gift)
dust bunny . lighted jar . type a and b
[ zerkalo ] Golden Shade – Vintage Keys Cloche
-Nomi-Princess Closet-Candy Jar-1, 2 , and 3 (light)
SPELL : Stack of Tea Cups [Colors]
Garbaggio // Shoe Clutter Pink
*FG* Frangipani Garden Christmas Star Cupcakes