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Elite Midgets

We finally came up with a name for us trio. We compared, well even tho it does not look like it due to our heels, are shorter than most avatars we know or run into. Usually being called a midget makes you really feel a midget but being called an Elite Midget makes you feel MUCH better :P. Kitty, Doelene & Haruka ~ ♥

We are Elite

Elite Midgets

Details in order:
Headpiece: {moss&mink} Cake & Lace – Headpiece (Blue) @ The Arcade
Headband: ERSCH – Francesca Gacha SOI Headband
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Nagi~ Cloudy  Eye
Necklace: {moss&mink} Cake & Lace – Necklace @ The Arcade
Dress: {moss&mink} Cake & Lace – Floral Dress (Blue) @ The Arcade

Hair: tram H0219
Headpiece: {moss&mink} Cake & Lace – Headpiece (Cream) @ The Arcade
Necklace: {moss&mink} Cake & Lace – Necklace @ The Arcade
Dress: {moss&mink} Cake & Lace – Floral Dress (Cream) @ The Arcade
Tattoo: :::insanya::: Love Hurts

Hair: Doe Reagan New! @ SaNaRae
Headpiece: {moss&mink} Cake & Lace – Headpiece (Lilak) @ The Arcade
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Nagi~ Lavi Eye
Eyeshadows: NOX. Arcadia Shadow
Necklace: {moss&mink} Cake & Lace – Necklace @ The Arcade
Dress: {moss&mink} Cake & Lace – Floral Dress (Lilak) @ The Arcade


{moss&mink} Cake & Lace Set  New!The Arcade
Conservatory RARE, Tier Cake RARE, blossom cakes, Foil leaf macarons (plated), Foil leaf macarons. Ribbon cakes, Ribbon cake (plated), Floral vase, marble buffet, Pinstripe bunting, Heart balloons (Blue/cream), Heart balloons (Pink/Lilac)

+Half-Deer+ Sakura Petals [Pink Set]

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“a Tint of Orange”

This year I already wrote a couple of stuff I want to complete by December and one if them was getting dislike of orange out of my system by at least 5%. I really never liked orange, the color orange, I do however own Chester, an orange Monstaz plushie that was given to me 3 years ago by a client as my good luck to the next branch gift. It is the only orange item you will rwally find in my room. Fun fact is, my mother adores! the color orange and has a couple of diff outfit types in the color and different shade of the color. In any case, I decided the earlier I start the faster I might not dislike it anymore. Here it is, my beginning of entering the orange color territory (at least I hope so, right? lol)

a Tint of Orange

Secret Smile

I do have to say, I did like the lightning reflecting around, hence my smile 🙂

Haru’s Look:
Hair: Doe: Fray V1 ~ Monotone HUD New! @ The Gacha Guardians
Necklace set: .::Supernatural::. Sadie Gold @ Tres Chic (ends Jan 5th)
Bracelet: .::Supernatural::. Dolce Gold
Outfit: {le fil casse} Veronica Corset Dress Red

Picture 1: Paper Rabbit: Pose 87 @ The Kawaii Project (ends Jan 10th)
Picture 2: Paper Rabbit: Pose 88 @ The Kawaii Project (ends Jan 10th)

kosmii :: Crystalline Lamps [orange]
uK – Golden Hall Cactus Plant, Wall Globe,  Pear Mirror,  Picture Frame
#187# COPPER Me – Plants *, Hello Gorgeous *, Desk RARE *, Basket *
+Half-Deer+ Tea Tin Garden – Mint (Arctic Fox), Bamboo (Panda Bear) RARE, Pink Rose (Beep – Happy) (Reward)
{moss&mink} Sweet Retreat – Wall Console
Pseudo– Art Gallery Backdrop RARE

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Board Game Night…

Or so we thought … but … it only lasted for 1 round? “giggle snorts” The moment we sat down between our lovely cushions we felt home, taking out and placing the game on the floor, we felt something was missing. Rue already made her self even more comfortable by taking off her shoes putting on her cute slippers while I was still wearing my heavy boots, Carri forgot her slippers so she also was stuck with her boots and Kitty, well she the glamorous one in the group! “laughs” Don’t tell her I said that she gonna lock me up for a whole day in the closet 😛 lmao!

Puzzle Game Night... or so it should have been

Puzzle game night...

[PR] – Puke Rainbows: New!
Three Vintage Cushions – Stars 1 & stars 2
Three Vintage Cushions Love 1 & Love 2 @ cosmopolitan

{moss&mink} Pod Chair, Heart Shelf, Heart Side Table, KP Photo Gallery, Unicorn Party – Hanging Stars 2 GIFT, Enjoy the Little Things & Soft Rug
uK – UnKindness Little Bird Chandelier Light (Non) & 6. 9 to 5 Foxy Lappy
8f8 primavera in Toscana Cupboard & Small Cupboard
i {DH} – irrie’s Dollhouse Clemintine Victorian Dollhouse *Blueberry* & Winter Jane Dress Shoppe *Snowy Blush* RARE
ionic Christmas Tree (gift)
dust bunny . lighted jar . type a and b
[ zerkalo ] Golden Shade – Vintage Keys Cloche
-Nomi-Princess Closet-Candy Jar-1, 2 , and 3 (light)
SPELL : Stack of Tea Cups [Colors]
Garbaggio // Shoe Clutter Pink
*FG* Frangipani Garden Christmas Star Cupcakes

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Messy Christmas

After a good partying we had… we left the place a huge mess… can we blame it on the cats? They ran outside the moment we started partying… there are no tracks to even know we own about 4 cats Q.Q The bucket we had filled with candy canes ended up spread all over the place… who knew there were so many “chuckles”

Messy Christmas

Messy Christmas 03

Messy Christmas 02

Messy Christmas 01

Messy Christmas 00

Haru details:
Hair: Doe: Merry ~ Monotone HUD @ Lootbox
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Blossom // Dark Grey Eye @ Okinawa Winter Festival 2017-2018
Necklace set: .::Supernatural::. Sadie Gold @ Tres Chic
Dress: #12 Sintiklia&CHAIN – Sun Daughter – Dress – Emerald @ Lootbox
Bracelet: .::Supernatural::. Dolce Gold @ cosmopolitan
Shoes: _CandyDoll_ Ramona Heels – Christmas Gift
Mug: REIGN.– 12 Days of Reignmas (DAY 6)

Kitty details:
Hair: {Limerence} Dreada hair(Common1) & Clawtooth: Lush Essentials (FLF)
Ears: {aii} + SAVE THE EARS! Bento Fox Ears Fall +
Tassel: *{( konpeitou )}* Komainu -6- ear accessory for Aii (add
{S0NG} :: Yagy // Blue Eyes @ SaNaRae
Choker: {PSYCHO:Byts}.Bell Choker
Dress: : Apple May Designs – (AMD) Akira 2 in1 @ Uber
Shoes: [BREATHE]-Tani Heels-M.LARA-Pale Rose

Decor details:
Puke Rainbows [PR]
Candy Canes Ground – Red & Green
Three Vintage Cushions – PinUp 2, Winter 1 & PinUp 3 – @ cosmopolitan

Christmas Decor Set includes:
Traditional – Wreath, Traditional – Ornament Garland, Traditional – Full Tree, Traditional – Tree Skirt, Presents (small & big) @ C88
Hot Chocolate Bar Cart [Set] @ Tannenbaum
Tassel Garland – Christmas – & Firefly Vine – Frost

Noble Creations [NC]
– Christmas Table & Pies –

Bee Designs
Owls Time Gacha 6, Owls Time Gacha 9, Owls Time Gacha 8, Owls Time Gacha 2 RARE, Owls Time Gacha 5, Owls Time Gacha 1 RARE, Owls Time Gacha 4, Owls Time Gacha 3, Owls Time Gacha 10 and Owls Time Gacha 7

Father Christmas Bear RARE, Mother Christmas Bear RARE, Little Miss Bear & Story Time Bear SOI

Winter Delights – Kotatsu Table – Queen RARE, – Teapot – Black, – Teacups – Black, – Dango – Black, – Tea – Black & Photo frame 1 & 2

Christmas Cookie Tray

Cherry House
10. -Christmas things-Christmas tree wood decoration -RARE, 9. Christmas stockings-decorations-blend, 3. Wood tree decoration -A, 7. Star flowerpot-Red, 2. Star flowerpot -Green & 8. Star flowerpot-Pink

christmas sofa set

Treasured Worlds – Festive Fortunes Box GG

Winter Dreams Globe (gift )

Star Curtain

(this was a mess to collect! We had everything in a cluster and linked (except gacha items lol) but we made it! thankfully)

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Reindeer Agents~

Continuing on the reindeer theme~ I couldn’t help it! We are adorable like that! Meet another one of my  favorite people Maddy – Agent 0-  She is totally into our lives for ever and ever… yes she is our partner in crime as well, adored too!

Reindeer 0

Reindeer 00

Reindeer 000

Reindeers 1

Haru’s Look:
Horns: [PR] Christmas Deer Horns Stars Pink New! (gacha)@ The Chapter Four
Hair: *Besom~Relle *B&W*
Skin: {S0NG} Akira Skin / Pale Tone
Choker & Necklace: .::Supernatural::. Joy Pink
Dress: {moss&mink} All that Glitters – Cupid
Body Light: Astralia – Unicorns Christmas (Pink Lights) Maitreya
Shoes: REIGN.– Jaime Heels

Maddy’s Look:
Horns: .:DD:. – Xmas antlers
Skin: Glam Affair Amaya for Lelutka Bento Heads – Europa
Dress: {moss&mink} All that Glitters – Comet
Shoes: Blueberry – Bree – Laced Up Boots –

Kitty’s Look:
Horns: Yokai – Snowflake – Horns w lights (green)
Hair: Doe: Hollie (twotone) – Monotone
Skin: Glam Affair – Miriam Winter – Catwa Mesh Head Applier – Europa
Choker: . tiptoes – Devil Ribbon Choker – Red
Dress: {moss&mink} All that Glitters – Mistletoe RARE
Shoes: REIGN.– Jaime Heels

Poses are part of the reindeer (Lil’Bug Ooohh Deer)